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Clip+ Bricked After Rockbox

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A friend of mine has a 4gb clip+ that he somehow bricked. He cant remember what he did lol. I told him Id take a look at it. Any advise or links to how to fix? Thanks.

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It will probably wake up after a few days.  Try holding down the power button for like 30 secs.  If not, just wait for the Clip to tell you when its ready to cooperate.

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any serious answers appreciated

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That was actually serious.

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oh. its been bricked for several weeks. it hasnt told him its ready to cooperate..

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Well, when my Clip started doing that, one day I just pressed the on button and it was fine, needed a charge though.  It used to randomly just drain itself and shut down while off or something.  Be bricked for a few days and then be okay again.  /Shrug.

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Anaxilus is right. "Temporary bricking" is an unfortunate occurrence with rockboxed clips. It happens to mine on occasion. I try to turn it on and nothing happens.


To fix it, I typically let go of any buttons for a few seconds. Then I press and hold the power button for a full 30 seconds. Then let go for a few seconds, and press it again. It turns right back on.

Annoying, but it doesn't happen often, and rockbox is still worth having that occasional annoyance.

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Well ive been lucky that mine has never bricked :D. I think my friends might be done. He tried opening it up and bridging some circuits but it didnt work.

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The bridge doesn't unbrick the player, it allows you to connect it to the computer, according to this page.



  • Bridge them with a piece of wire or something
  • Connect the player to your PC (preferably running Linux)
  • Execute "sudo fdisk -l". It should report a drive without partitions, with a size of 979.75MB (approximately, there is some 1000/1024 Bytes rounding
  • Take away the wire bridging the two pads
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