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Head-Fi Meet GTA September 11th

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It's that time again to have a Head-Fi meet at my place :)


I can accommodate about 15 people; we will have the living room and basement to utilize.


I'll probably be lazy and get burgers from Costco and cook 'em up. Oh, and BYOB.


Located in the area of Erin Mills/Dundas, Mississauga.


Please post if you're coming out to join in the fun!


- pat


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I'm in!


I'll bring my RE0 and Shure E2c.


Please include your location in your post. Thanks.

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Yeah and make sure you don't bring your Monster Beats By Dre or any Bose headphones otherwise you'll be kicked out.

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How does 2pm sound?

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Sounds good to me, I'd love to come. I can bring a HeadRoom MicroDAC, Meier Corda Headfive, k701, dt880, dt990, ATH-ANC7.... SR80's if it's worth the bother...

I can also try and sneak some food out from work.

Does anyone have a car and want to carpool (/ have someone pitch for gas)?

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I would love to come (barring if I can hitch a ride with one of you from any subway stop in the GTA). I can bring my HD555, hippo vb, ES7, sr80. Unfortunately i would bring my westone 2 but they will be shipped out to joker by then, prehaps the HJE900 will arrive by that date.

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I'm interested to come, however all I have right now is my AD700's, my dac and MS1i's most likely won't arrive by that date.


monoglycer, I'm also coming from Hamilton, I will either drive or take the go train. How far is your apartment from the nearest go station? And I assume there is visitor parking there?

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I'd be interested in coming too. I'll bring my Omega 2 mki, PerfectWave DAC and srd-7 pro. I can also bring my MHDT Havana, MAD Ear+, Allessandro MS2i or STAX 404 if anyone would like to hear (or possibly buy) them.


I should also be able to pick a couple of people up from Kipling station, if that would help.

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I looked up the go station closest to Erin Mills/Dundas, and it's Clarkson. It's 4 km south of the intersection, so it is walkable if anyone wants to take the go train.

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Tentative date change to the 18th.

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I'm going to have a smaller meet with some of my past regulars instead.



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Ah, thats a shame, was looking forward to this. Have fun guys!

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Bah! Fair enough. I'll be far too busy testing my new d5000's anyhow ;) Here's hoping we get a bigger meet set up sometime soon!

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Means the rest of us are back to planning a GTA meet. :)

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Where in TO? count me in! PM me guys.. I wanna jump in

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