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Best headphone amplifiers to go with headphones?

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For many years I have listened to music through my Sony headphones but after listening to a pair of Beyer headphones I found that while my Sony headphones were very good the Beyer's were better still, as naturally technology has moved on since those days then after listening to them on a friends dedicated headphone amp I decided I needed a proper amp as the headphone out on my Onkyo AV Receiver  wouldn't drive them loud enough...


I am looking for a solid state amp, I don't mind if some recommends a used amp but only if the product quality must be Mint or Close.


What i am looking for:



For example, during Joan Osborne’s aching cover of “I’ll Be Around”, I noticed at one point while typing the sentence above that I wasn’t typing anymore. I got lost in her voice. I mean totally lost. This doesn’t happen to me nearly as often as I wish it did. But the Phoenix was able to deliver goose-bump thrills on a more than just occasional basis.




Please suggest in what your best amps are for these headphones: 


Beyerdynamic DT880 PRO 250 Ohms


Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO 250 Ohms


Audio Technica ATH-AD700 32 Ohms


AKG K701 62 ohms


Sennheiser HD600 300 Ohms


My list so far is as follows:


Monitor II Headphone Amplifier


Maverick Audio - Tube Magic A1 Hybrid Intergrated Amplifier 


Matrix m-stage Headphone Amp


Audio-Gd Fun version B 


FireStone Audio Cute 


Graham Slee Novo




Little Dot MK  III


Music genera's:




Hip Hop




Drum and Bass


Also, if you know of more amps not on my list I should look into, and links or reviews, feel free to post them.


Just a few thoughts...


Thank you

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I'll just say the Maverick Audio A1 amp isn't solid-state. The headphone output is pure tube driven (plenty of volume and great sound). The part that is solid-state (er, hybrid) is the speaker outputs, they're pre-amped with the tubes and then powered by a solid-state chip. I really like the A1 amp with my DT770's, it really makes them shine.

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Put a specific budget.

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