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I have an iPod and PA2V2 amp and have been trying to get some iMetal 590's set up for the past couple weeks. Having a difficult time getting a good lasting seal. As another member suggested I got some Sony tips yesterday and find them to be a little above the quality (sturdier) than stock tips. I worked my way down from largest to XS and along the way found that if I insert at an upward angle it helps slightly. Within 10 minutes even while I am stationary they become unseated. Thinking that ear canals are shallow. 


From what I gathered the Yuin's are the top performers for bud phones. Read a little about PK-1 & 2 on Headroom's site and also hear they make a PK-3. Big $ jump from 2 to 1 (2x :~O ). I listen to Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues, R & B, Alternative and a few others thrown into the mix. Desire detailed mids/highs and accurate defined bass. What are your takes on this brand and is there a model worth trying that would be view as a good value for it's cost v.s. performance?