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Durable Earbuds for Sleeping

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For the past 6 months I've been using SONY MDR-EX36V daily as my sleep phones until left side stopped working. I tried to fix them myself but with those earbuds tinkering is almost impossible. On top of that my dog chewed off the cable couple of days ago. Here is a picture of my earbuds now:






I found earbuds great for the price I paid at that time around $15. However, I would like to have something that would last longer than 6 months. I'm willing to pay anything below $40. Earbuds should be very durable, quite to the people around and seal off most of the outside noise. I will use them only for sleeping.

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Meelectronics M6 is a good option. Very ergonomic once you get used to putting it on.

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How is noise isolation on Meelectronics M6s? What do you think about Creative EP-630?

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I have the M6. While I think they are very comfortable, the noise isolation aspect highly depend on the tips you used.  I would say it worked great with the de-core olive while the stock tips are not adaquate in noise reduction.  I found my re0 with UE tips to be just as comfortable as M6 and I have sleep in those for weeks.  Not problem at all. 

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I have both the M6 and the M9, and I think that the M6 with homemade foam tips are great for sleeping, but the same can be said of the new-model M9.


In fact, I've felt asleep many times while wearing my M9s, and given that I usually find IEMs a bit on the uncomfortable side, I would say that they're great for that ;)


The M6 have a slightly lower profile, so I think they will do, too. I still recommend the M9, though ;)

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Brother bought me a pair of ROCKETFISH RF-MEP3PR earbuds yesterday. I guess they were extremly cheap because sound quality is below average. Bass and highs sound ok, mids are horrible. I feel they won't last very long aswell. SONY MDR-EX36V were way better in terms of sound quality. I will use them as in-between earbuds for now. Still deciding on durable earbuds for sleep.

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JVC HA-FX33 (Marshmallow). Being modded (search for "Marshmallow mod"), it is good enough on low volumes to fall asleep. And I yet to find more rugged IEMs. It is cheap and isolates well.

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My vote is the M6 as well! 


I use the stock triple flanges, there's not really much isolation on it but I find I don't need it when I'm laying in a quiet room at night trying to sleep.  Plus when the wife says something I could still hear her.

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looks like the consensus is the M6's, and I agree they are great sleeping phones. I use them every night. They are low profile with the right tips and the memory wire keeps them in place all night for me. All the other ones I have tried come out. I haven't tried my M11+'s. These might work well because of their size and the double flange is very secure for me.

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ECCI PR200 have good isolation and are pretty solid.

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I seem to fall asleep with any headphones...even with my M50's strapped to my head...zzzzzz

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