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Hi head-fiers,

I have a pair of custom silicon eartips that I have used for about 4 months now.  The problem is, they are very loose when on the tube of the UM3x's now.  I can't even take the earpieces out of my ear with the tips still attached.  They were fine when I got the eartips initially, but over time, I guess the hole just stretched and widened.  I now have to remove the eartips from my ears separately, after taking the earphones out.


I remember there was a thread a while ago with some others having the same issue.  I can't seem to find that thread anymore.


I've tried washing and cleaning the tips and the UM3x's but that didn't solve it.  In the old thread, someone had mentioned using a hot glue gun to semi-permanently attached the eartips to the earphones.  I decided to try that but learned something.  Glue does not stick to silicon.


There's a bit more friction now with the glue on the eartips so they don't slip off as easily, but I'm not really satisfied with it.  Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?