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The Quincy line is comprised of 3 models. The in-ear and on-ear models will likely comprise 80%+ of sales, due to price and size and they'll obviously work great. Quincy Jones isn't exactly the hot name in the 15-22 yr old demographic, so I think they are simply trying to give some good product a little more exposure, not to lure the $20 Skullcandy buyer. I have a bigger problem with K701 being sold at the online Apple store than this - it is obviously not a great match with a macbook.

I think anyone interested in the Q701 $399ish big headphones will want genuinely good sound and will be likely to buy a headphone amp if reccommended to when they purchase this model.

Quincy Jones has already been using AKG for years, so I hope they sell a ton, some money goes to Quincy Jones' charity and people end up with nice sounding gear.

I, too, would also like to see a new $400-$700 model that is even better, but these things take time. I'd be shocked if they weren't working on it.



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At least Quincy Jones should have asked AKG to improve the build quality of K701. The feel cheap compared to DT880 for example.

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