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New AKG line

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AKG just announced their new line of headphones on facebook:


Today we are very happy to let you know that we have partnered with music legend Quincy Jones on the release of three stunning new headphones: the Q701, Q460 and Q350. Visit our just launched interactive experience to view the headphones and stay tuned for a link to view the live news conference here in Berlin, Germany.






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It seen like my akg k701 with quincy signature... Q701 (K701 maybe the same) looks great but specially the detachable cable.

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nice look, but arent they just special-looking edition of K701? hope they will show something really new at IFA

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I cannot believe they did not, at the very least, remove or modify those uncomfortable bumps on the bottom side of the headband. The neon green detachable cable does look rather striking, though.

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Well, everybody kept whinging about the K701's missing body - AKG agreed and now we have Quincy's!

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Its a 701 with a Q in front. What a bummer the portables look nice but not encouraging.

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Is Quincy left handed?

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Q701 = K702 in funky colours & a "Q" on the side.


Monster has Dr Dre. AKG has Quincy.



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That green version looks pretty sweet. Too bad these will probably sound too similar to the K701. More of the same.. a shame.

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Looks like a cheap marketing ploy to me. Unimpressed
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akg guy 1:  "gee.  how do we go about boosting sales of our 4 year old headphone line?"


akg guy 2:  "well, those beats by dre sure are sellin' pretty good.  maybe we can get an endorsement like that."


akg guy 1:  "good idea.  if i remember, quincy jones was wearin' k701s in that stupid We Are The World remake.  maybe we can get his name on there."


akg guy 2:  "nice.  and we can call them the Q701.  done."



guys, welcome to the world of "AKG by Harmon".

and, while i'm at it, i predict the new flagship doesn't happen.

i hope i'm proven wrong. 

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In lime green should make all 701 owners happy. One more for Harman.

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Originally Posted by TheWuss View Post

akg guy 1:  "good idea.  if i remember, quincy jones was wearin' k701s in that stupid We Are The World remake.  maybe we can get his name on there."

If I remember correctly he was already wearing Q701's in that video and not a plain k701.

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I think it was a smart move.  Quincy is viewed with a little more sophistication in audio reproduction than the likes of Dr. Dre, Diddy or Lady Gagga.  Great way to boost image in the professional market...which is where the K701s should have been marketed all along.

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