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Waa expensive bags :P I just use a camera insert in a timbuk2 bag 

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I also bought a camera insert from eBay. It hasn't arrived yet, but it's one of those Ciesta partition. 


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When I'm commuting light I just throw my camera + 24-70 lens in my small Timbuk2 messenger bag. No padding. I don't throw my bags around so not a big deal.

If I need to carry around a laptop as well, I'll throw the camera + lens bare into my medium Waterfield cargo bag. Or if I feel like I need some padding or more gear I have a camera insert that fits into the cargo bag or a medium Timbuk2 messenger as well.

If I want to split the load onto both shoulders, Kata DR-467i.

If I'm out on a short trip with the kids, Crumpler 6 Million Dollar.

Want to tote around more equipment, ThinkTank Retrospective 30.

Flying halfway around the world, ThinkTank Shapeshifter.


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I have this for my Canon T3i w 18/135mm





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Originally Posted by Groundzero View Post

I have a Dakine Mission Photo. It's really well made and has room for everything. Even after a whole day of trekking around it doesn't get uncomfortable. My only complaint is that there isn't a lot of room for stuff other than the camera/lenses. 


I have that same bag in black:



It is a great bag and convenient to carry a tripod, but I usually carry my smaller Lowepro 150AW.  It is more convenient when I don't need a lot of kit.




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It is a great bag and convenient to carry a tripod, but I usually carry my smaller Lowepro 150AW.  It is more convenient when I don't need a lot of kit.




I've also picked up their new Video DSLR Fastpack bag, but it's the 350AW model. Great bag -- one of the few designs that provide ample space for both camera equipment and audio equipment. I like the cable organizer as well as the headphone attachment loop in the upper section -- helps keep things organized without squashing expensive and fragile headsets like the Audio Technica ESW9.


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I like the Lowerpro Slingshot line aswell

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For short phot trips where I know I only need my Nikon D90 and Tamron 17-50 28 I use Lowepro Apex 110AW. It takes my camera with lens attached with a bit of space for an extra battery and small batteries.


When I go on holiday and plan on carrying D90 and Tamron 17-50 + Tamron 70-200 and Metz 48AF I put it all in Kata Access-17. An excellent bag that hold the stuff I mentioned plus stuff I need walking around like tissues, energy bars, etc., etc.




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New bag!


This is the Ona Union Street, premium waxed canvas and leather messenger bag that doesn't look like a camera bag at all.




I like the slim, thin dimensions. Of course, this means you can't pack too much stuff into it or you will get a bulge and it will no longer remain slim. This is the interior, along with an 85mm f/1.2 and 24mm f/1.4. The 5D Mark II with 50mm f/1.2 goes into the empty slot in between the two lenses, with the hand grip resting over one of the dividers. The remaining compartment at the far left can be used to store a large flash, misc accessories or even a small PMP with portable amp and IEMs. Right now I have a rocket blower and 270EXII flash in there though.




This is the front compartment. A lot of reviews say it is very tight and cramped though -- and this is true if you fully load the bag with a laptop and large lenses. When reasonably loaded, however, it can store a good amount of small goods: I have keys, batteries, memory cards, pens, pencils and light meter inside:




Overall, I really like it for everyday or vacation use when I don't need to pack anything heavy. This setup weighs only 6.3kg, which makes it very light and comfortable for all-day use.

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Screen shot 2012-07-15 at 9.02.44 PM.png tam.5261.jpg


Tamrac Cyber Pro, had it for years and it's still like new. Made for a 12" Mac Powerbook in the front flap, it carries my Tx1000 tablet/laptop perfectly now.


I hate lugging stuff around, that's not "the way I roll" if I can help it biggrin.gif

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