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Camera Bag-Fi

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Ok, there's probably a bit of overlap with the other bag-fi threads here, but I figured it's interesting enough to start on.


Someone at some other forum that I can't remember (DPReview, probably) once said that you can never have too many camera bags. I sort of agree -- different bags are used for different situations, and sometimes it's difficult to decide on the right one to use for a given situation. Throw in a laptop and heavy glass into the mix and things get even more complicated.


Over the years, I've accumulated, traded, bought and sold a considerable number of bags from various brands -- Lowepro, Kata, Tamrac are the three main ones I stick to.


My current favourite is the Lowepro Fastpack 350. It's quite a good all-rounder; it carries a laptop, has all the advantages of a backpack (i.e. weight distribution) and a sling bag (i.e. quick access to gear when you need it). However, one thing that it is sorely lacking is an all-weather cover.


When I pack up for an event, however, my current go-to bag is the Lowepro Classified 250AW. It's a shoulder/messenger-style bag that holds a laptop and enough room for some serious gear. Fully loaded, it's too heavy for casual, all-day use... for events, however, it's very easy to access gear and most of the heavy stuff will be out of the bag, either hanging around my neck or setup nearby so weight isn't an issue.


When I want to travel light, sometimes I use the Tamrac Velocity 9x, Lowepro Classified 160AW or Kata DR-466i backpack depending on my current fancy for the day. The Kata is a no-brainer if I still want my laptop around though.



So... let's hear about your camera bags. :-)

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I only use one.  The ThinkTank Retrospective 20.  Holds 5dmkII w/ 70-200 attached plus the 24-70L, 35L, the 580ex II Flash and my iPad comfortably.

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I use a Lowepro top loading bag in combination with their lens cases attached when I am shooting. The bag and lens cases will carry lenses I am going to use at the moment. Since everything goes in vertically, it is easy to access. I use the bag mostly to carry lenses around, not for storing the camera.


The rest of the stuff I put them in a rolling case in my car, in case I need them I can go there and swap gear in my bag and the rolling case.


I guess a camera backpack will work the same way as a rolling case, but why carry it on my shoulder when I can just pull it around?

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My favorite bag for carrying around is the Lowepro Slingshot 100.


Doesn't fit tons of stuff, but for regular carry it's just the right size.

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One of these:




It's a Domke J-2 bag that I've had for about three years now.  It has been hauled across a lot of the US and a good month outside the country.  It holds my camera, several lenses, flash, and just about everything else I use.


The bag has held up great with no tears or abrasions.  The shoulder strap is slightly faded from sun and sweat, but still is in good shape.  I ought to toss it into the washer one of these days, though.

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I have a Dakine Mission Photo. It's really well made and has room for everything. Even after a whole day of trekking around it doesn't get uncomfortable. My only complaint is that there isn't a lot of room for stuff other than the camera/lenses. 


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I lug my gear in an Artisan & Artist Sabastio's Reporter Satchel & Lowepro Flipside 200.




When going light, a Lowepro Toploader.


I've been looking to get a ThinkTank Restrospective but they're sold out everywhere!

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I have been using Lowepro "Stealth Reporter" Series with great satifaction in the last 10 years. My Stealth Reporter 650 AW suits well when the large set of equipments are required e.g. 2x 5D DSLR bodies, 17-40mm L, 24-70mm L, 70-200mm 2.8 L IS, Flash 580ex, a Thinkpad W510 laptop including power supply and battery charger. Plus lots of extra filters and some Head-fi gears. I never have a problem get everything which is even more than I actually need in this bag. The bag itself though large but quite flexible and allow you to access to your individule gears or equipments spontanously since thery own their own slot in this bag. What so cool about Reporter series is that the polster inside can be completely taken out and left just only the outside shell. The shell alone can be used as a travel bag as well. This also allow you to fold everything flat and keep the bag in your suite-case for example and will not take more place than two pair of jeans. It might not be possible for the other bags with non-removable polster.




For a lighter trip, I rely on Lowepro "Inverse 200 AW". This is a well implemented bag which can be optionally hung on your waist and allow a free movement of your upper body. It is ideal for an adventure trip which requires lots of movement of hands and shoulders. Since I am not a fan of a bagpack because I change the lens on my camera bodies often, but still need a well weight-distribution, inverse 200 AW is perfect from both world.



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I have bounced around with a couple of various lowepro's but recently picked up a Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home.  Very comfortable messanger with a great build quality and plenty of room for my D300s with grip attached, 18-200VR, 35MM 1.8, SB600, and a few other various gear.  Still room for at least 2 more lenses or flashes.  






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My setup:




Tamrac Expedition 8X. Hauls 2 DX Nikons, 400 2.8, 3 more lenses, flashes, socks, manuals, 2 tripods, kitchen sink  I've worn it at 15kg for 5km, and it's still comfy...lovely harness.

And when the big 400 is at home, the Lowepro MiniTrekker gets it done just as comfortably.

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absolutely love the TT shapeshifter. (almost) perfect bag for my needs.

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my persoanl fave is the domke f-5xz. I dont like carrying tons of gear. I like to be able to travel fast an travel light. I can carry my acient 30d and a couple lenses. Usually my 35mm and a 24-70. Tight fit indeed, but it works. Can throw in some batteries an cards in the front pockets. Just wish they had a zipper or flap to keep them closed an secure. Its good quality and looks good in my opinion. Really cool bag! :D











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Lowepro recently announced a new lineup for their modular S&F series.


The audio utility bag looks interesting enough for a head-fier... not sure if it's big enough to fit a full-sized can inside rather than just hanging at the headphone loop though...,2230,54.htm


On the other hand, the lens exchange case looks very useful for me, I'll most likely get when the local retailers start carrying stock...,2226,53.htm

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Think Tank Shapeshifter here. allows me to carry with me everything i need, nothing i dont.


up to 17in laptop

2 pro bodies


wide 2.8 zoom

70-200 2.8

flash(es) w. battery pack


all that plus room for other various doodads

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Lowepro 302. Love it

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