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Have been using my iRiver H340 w/ rockbox for audiobooks, but I'm now in  need of something more.


Specifically, the player should:


  1.  audiobook support with multiple bookmarks
  2.  support mp3, aac, wma, flac and wav w/ id3 tag support
  3.  offer separate playback tempo control up to 200% of original (i.e. no pitch shifting)
  4.  minimum 32GB storage space AND an SD-card slot w/ 32GB support
  5.  good sound quality - doesn't have to be perfect or best of breed
  6.  long playback time (i.e. battery life time) in the range of 30+ hrs
  7.  USB mass storage drag & drop - no need for conversions or manufacturer specific sw
  8. hopefully not a brick, very clumsy UI, unresponsive
  9. stable output with low impedance headphones (e.g. IEMs)


Does such a beast or anything akin to it exist?


I'm not really looking for Wifi/bt/browser/video-playback/games features.


Just a good, solid audiobook player that does well enough with music as well.