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I need an alternative to EAC

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Time and time again I have trouble getting this stupid program installed and working right.  Now I installed it and it'll just close out of nowhere on my system, giving no error.  I'm done with it and I'm not changing my mind.  Anything where you need to go through a 5 page guide just to set it up to sound decent isn't for me, I don't have the patience unless it actually works after I'm done.


So with that said, what is the next best thing for ripping to VBR?

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I assume you are on windows?

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I think DBPoweramp is fantastic! Not free, but it has so many great features; batch conversion, conversion to and from every current format, great ripping interface, etc. etc.

I use it a lot on a regular bases and it is more then worth the investment.

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Originally Posted by Hero Kid View Post

I assume you are on windows?

Yep.  I did just read that the crashes are caused by something from Adobe, maybe I'll try to fix that.


I've also been recommended DBPowerAmp somewhere else, I'll also look into that.  Seems promising, thanks.

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Wow, DBPoweramp is amazingly simple and produces the same results.  It took me less than a minute to set it up to rip to -V0 settings.

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Big thumbs up for dbPoweramp.  Been using it for several years now. Never had any problems with it. I do all my CD ripping and transcoding with it. Would have happily paid twice what I did.

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CDex is always a good free ripper. I've used it for a long time. EAC always takes forEVER and after a dozen rips with it I said forget it. CDex could be better, certainly, but it's free and does a good job. It's just as fast to set up as dbPowerAmp, but with less bells and whistles. I wish the remote CDDB was automatic, but that's a minor quibble.

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dbPoweramp is awesome.  I've been using it for years.

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Another recommendation for dBpoweramp.


Failing that, foobar2000 is pretty good (and free)

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another vote here for dbpoweramp - i switched over from EAC a few years ago and haven't regretted it. Yes, EAC can give you equally good sounding rips as Dbpoweramp, but for the relatively low price you get :


Simultaneous encoding to multiple formats

Multi-core support for faster encoding

Unicode support (a big plus for me)

Better metadata functionality (AMG/Gracenote/freedb, album art encoding, etc.)

A product with ACTIVE support and development


the only thing i want is for there to also be a Mac/Linux version :P

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EAC is indeed frustrating the first time you use it, but after you make the presets for whatever file formats you want it's pretty simple (takes about 3-4 clicks and it's off and ripping).  I suppose the time it takes to rip a CD is lengthy, but there are ways to shorten it (skipping the test, and just go straight to copying the tracks).


That being said, I also use dbpoweramp when I am ripping a large batch of music and quality (secure mode) is not an issue, like with my music history listenings.  It's also a superb file converter when I've got FLAC files that need to be converted to MP3's for my PMP.  Quick and pain-free.  


Both are great programs, but I do agree that dbpoweramp is a whole lot simpler to use and has more features to take advantage of.

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