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Sold: Krell Studio DAC

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Hi there, I'm selling a Krell Studio DAC. Price when it was out in the market, was 3.500 euro.

It 's almost 5 years old, but in excellent shape and I'm willing to part with it for SOLD plus shipping (should be around 30-35e for EU).


It has has two coaxial inputs, one optical input, one ST, and one AES/XLR input. It has both balanced and single ended outputs. It also has one coaxial digital tape in/out for monitoring purposes.

There are dual-differential Burr-Brown pcm63p-k dacs (has 2 chips for each channel, 4 in total) and a class-A discrete output stage.

Powered by 2 torroids (one for analog part and one for the digital) and excellent build quality - typically Krell. This thing will last for a lot of years to come.


Its sound is one of the best out there (I would say much better than benchmark's HDR etc). Airy highs, big soundstage, sweet but natural mids and really tight (LOW) bass. Excuse my rumbling, I'm sure you ll find this info if you search for it in audiogon and head-fi;  if you re lucky to have heard it, then you know what it's all about :)


I'm sorry but I don't have its original box nor the manual (though I might find it if I manage to dig up my stuff).


Pictures are coming later on tonight (I hope!).




Thanks for reading!




ps> check my signature for my feedback thread

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DAC's been sold.

Thanks for the interest everyone :)

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