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Astro Mixamp (sold)

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SOLD - great condition, no flaws.


Second owner, but barely used.  I used the Mixamp once, but am not playing online enough to justify keeping it.  The original owner sold it for the same reason. 


My ebay handle (for feedback check): ndskurfer1


I have also bought a few items here on head-fi

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Still for sale - will include labtec LVA7330 mic (i did cut headband off mic and used a 3m Command strip to connect it to my a700's directly).  I used electrical tape over area where headband was connected.

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I'll take it, does it still have a warranty through astro? and it does come with all the cables? optical, and headphone/mic adapter? pm me some info and its sold.

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I've had questions for pictures.


It will ship with the necessary cables: headset/mic y adapter, usb cable, labtec mic, and cable used to connect to the xbox controller.


**Xbox controller and my A700's are not included**





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