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My impressions of the westone 3 and electronic music

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Okay so i bought the westone 3 from a headfi user here (shiaulou) and i hope this will help other people who are looking for westone 3 reviews!

Im not very good at describing things so pardon me if i make any mistakes!


For this review im using the laptop>udac2>westone 3

Songs would be in 320kbps or flac


Build Quality and Fit:

I believe these earphones must have quite good build quality, because i'm the third owner of these earphones and they look perfect.

The wires have no problems (i read that some wires actually seperate?), mine are still tightly coiled around each other.

Im also using the smallest foam tips provided with the earphones, and thankfully they fit me perfectly without any issues.

If you just got the earphones, don't be afraid to spend some time trying out all the tips! They really do make an impact with the sound quality and sibliant issues.


Sound quality

Previously before i had these iems i was using a pair of shure se420s, and i must say im really glad that i own these westone 3. Im not trying to put down the 420s or anything, but in my opinion i just did not like them. I felt they were very boring earphones and nothing struck well with me, especially the lack of bass, fit issues and the memory wire. I listen to electronic music and should have done more research before buying them, but at least i managed to sell them off at the same price that i bought them :)


I was thinking or either sennheiser IE8's and westone 3s and ended up with the westone 3s. I tried out the ie8s but i just did not like the isolation. It did not provide enough for me. However, to those who are trying to make a decision about either but do not have the chance to audition them, i feel you can't really go wrong with either, their both great earphones! Just that IE8's sound abit further from you, i believe thats a wider soundstage? Anyway i preferred the westone 3s over them because i needed the isolation when i take the bus  to school.


Once i got the earphones, i truly heard new things that i never heard before. I heard about 2-3 more layers of sounds in songs like man on the run by dash berlin, or fable by Robert miles. This was very enjoyable for me and i had to relisten to all my music once again.


In my opinion the lows are enough to satisfy me, with good bass impact. The mids are pretty laid back, which is okay for me and the highs are a abit sparkly(?) sometimes.


However like i said, coming from the shures 420, i have nothing but praise for these earphones because i did not enjoy the previous earphones at all. So you might have to have some skepticism on my opinions :P



So for anyone who is worried about getting either the IE8 or Westone 3s, or is coming from a shure 420 like me, you can't go wrong with either. I guess in the end of the day, its about whether u would rather have the isolation or a wider soundstage. Im sure there are more differences, but these are the most noticable for me.


Im really satisfied with my purchase and despite my wallet being almost empty, im happy.


Hope some of you who were looking into electronic music with the westone 3's are more assured that they sound great on them!




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They really do well with electronica, House music and Trance.  I really haven't found a genre of music that I don't like through my W3's.  After owning and loving the IE8's, I appreciate the higher level of detail I hear through the Westone's.  The IE8's bass is infectious, but the Westone's hold their own, especially considering they are BA's.

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Yes, I too, much preferred the W3 to IE8.  The way it presents such a big full sound with a high level of articulation is really great.

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Have any of you got them remoulded? im curious if the sound changes

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cant wait to get the westone 3's ! need to wait untill i sell my dr dre beats first but :(

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