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I am sorry but I think it was revolutionpower.com actually but regardless you can find this wire for the general people.  I am not sure why this comment would even be made besides to boast the false pretence that this is the only way to get this wire used.  Kinda ridiculous, I am not trying to be mean or anything just thought this is something people should know.  My bf never posted anything because he likes ALO and does not want to stir up trouble but I do not care and think the truth is the most important thing out there!

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does RWA mod only hook up the wire? any modification besides that?

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I'm guessing you are 12 or 13 maybe? If not, please stop before you make an even bigger ass out of yourself.


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Dear audioTinkr,

The only reason I am saying this is bc I now know I definetely made the right decision in buying the WhipMOD over the iMod as this is a flat out lie from the creator of this iMod right!  And it makes it seem as if you are the only one who can get this when really that is not true...bad marketing LOL.  I do not buy from liar's flatout

     from what you have written you seem to be very confident that you have make a research hard enough.   I know we all heard about the

Psychoacoustics thing.  Some people may like copper or some may like more silver, it depends on many things not what people has told you that using this help much more about the signal part because it is faster.   I don't think in this small circuit it will make much difference.

      Again I also think you are a newcomer here or hasn't been at this site for some time , that's why you seems to be confident to speak out loudly that some famous and stable company are liars???.  I have two 240GB Imod , one of my 240gb imod is probably the first one using the 240gb hard drive which I never consider of selling one.  I have also some experience with many after the market cable so I know some because I have been there , saw enough experience first had, know who is a shill and who is not when your read his blog.  I can say he is shill and is now famous because his finding do not like mine or others.    I don't think you should be that confident and outspoken when you  haven't  got enough info or got only one sided info.    Have you seen any comment about the SQ between Imod vs Whipmod in a systemical scientific one.   There is none and if there is I know that there is no detectable difference.  Sometimes we don't speak out loudly because we also think what the people affected will do.   Have you known that somebody said that he is in bad health and cannot send your thing on time and then later you found out that other inexperienced assistant has to do that for him.  I had at least 4 aftermaket cables from one site had the same soldering problem. Two market that was sent to repair came back the same way when it came except that I also lost the box and the length is not the same.   

        Quality control is another concern and how can that be controlled when the company has to outsource to have someone doing that for him .  Unfortunately I know tjat giu  well enough as he is in my country , doing that and he also claimed that this is the best DAP , much better than other.   Some head-fiers when first listened said that it is defiitely better but later problems after problems arise.  We are not foolish enough not to open the DAP to see what's going on.   We do not speak this in public because of your and my culture and way of thinking may be different.   Now the hype has gone down for the cable and DAP business.   We are waiting for the SSD to come for the Gen6 (not the fatbod model)  I hope it should be a least 500B because

I have more than 1TB all in ALAC, hope to know which one is better CLAS or Fostex.  Which one will incorporate a very good amplifier to

make it more portable and I think they will come out soon and you may not hear about this comparison again. 

      I think you have to go back and read more blogs about the company, their products in head-fi then you will know the fact and this fact will not make you as happy as you are now  but let this be a lesson then you will know better about life.  All that glitters are not gold and all the silver cable is not as good as a very good copper cable

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Whipmod has been discontinued.

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wow, i thought I was bad with forgetting to breathe

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