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Originally Posted by Gaet89 View Post

Check also the driver: http://cdn.head-fi.org/8/87/900x900px-LL-876adcf9_DSC05590.jpeg

There is a clear difference. :)


Thanks, I had forgotten to check that :).





Seems like the real driver, now I just need to replace these earpads.

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I'm new to this forum, but think I have a few details to contribute to this thread - which I do out of appreciation, as this thread has been of help when acquiring my own MDR-v6's.


I now have both a genuine pair, and a fake (without a box) for which I was refunded. So I want to note that the fakes can have "for DIGITAL" stickers that look really good. Those on my fake were not blurry at all, and if there is a difference, it's so small that unless you compare very carefully side-by-side with a magnifying glass, you'll probably not be able to notice anything. If I had only one of the pairs to look at, I would not be able to tell by the stickers which was which.

When I only had one pair without a package (the fake, sold used by a U.S. Amazon seller), the only clear signs of it being counterfeit were these three: 1) The headband was wavy, not smooth, on the inside. 2) Opening it up, the drivers were unmarked. 3) The sound - as mentioned in the initial post, it lacked in the highs and the bass was a bit muddy - a "meh" experience.


Later having both side by side - after buying the real (and then unused/still boxed) pair from another U.S. Amazon seller - I saw in addition that: 1) The cable was coiled in tighter loops on the real pair. 2) The text above the stickers reflected light a little bit differently on the real, the reflection shifting as the angle is shifted. This may however simply be because the real ones were unused, and perhaps a little bit cleaner and/or less worn. I wouldn't count on it as a sign.


Obviously, signs can disappear with new fakes, so the lack of a sign (e.g. blurry stickers) cannot be taken to imply genuineness. Everything significant has to check out.


Some imperfections can however occur with the real ones. E.g., seen on mine, the left sticker is applied at a bit of an angle - that's the only imperfection I can see. (I saw another member mention this regarding his MDR-v6's in another thread, so perhaps this is a batch "problem".)


Final note on the sound: Having and comparing the two, my ears agree with those of the initial poster. The description however also made it possible to tell the fakes were fake even before having the real ones. And now having the real ones, I appreciate them.


Anyway, thanks for the info, which came in handy as I bought mine, and I hope the above will be useful to someone.

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Update - which possibly changes everything in my previous post: I received a PM from a member asking if my drivers (for the real headphones, I presume) have a serial number visible on them, as in this photo: http://cdn.head-fi.org/d/d5/d534d475_DSC05596.jpeg


While I'd checked how it all looks on the fakes, I hadn't on the real. To my surprise, I couldn't see any difference whatsoever in how the drivers looked. In front, both look like the real one (left) in this picture:




On the back, both are without serial number. So perhaps some real batches are without serial numbers printed on the drivers.


This leaves the question of the fake headphones - how it comes they are so very close to the real ones in appearance - unreasonably so, I'd say. I then thought of another simple possibility: I bought those used (and never saw the box), and perhaps they are real but the previous owner had simply abused them horribly, burning out the drivers and making them sound poor.


This is possible if both of these are the case: (1) The inside of the headband can get more wavy with use over time - to the point of being as wavy as the fakes look. (2) The coiling of the cable can get wider with use over time - or can vary with batches.


If that's the case, the "fakes" being real but burned out seems more likely to me. If it's not the case, though, then those fakes are incredibly well-done in terms of appearance.

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Was the headband stitching the same on the fakes?

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Originally Posted by Prince Valiant View Post

Was the headband stitching the same on the fakes?

Sorry for the delay - have been away for some time.


It looks very similar. The stitching itself looks the same. The only clear difference I see is that, on the bad pair, the edges look a little flatter. They extend slightly more beyond the stitching on the good pair. If I squeeze the edges on the good pair, then the part under my fingers compress a little bit, to the same size as on the bad. On the bad pair, they are more rigid and don't compress when squeezed.

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I signed up just to provide my input. I bought mine used from Hollywood. Everything was good for me, signs that say they are legit:


Numbers on slide bar located on the side, not in the middle. 

Cups make full contact when folded. 

Lettering is not blurry and dots are closely located. 

No pig tail on cord. 

The fakes seem to have holes on driver that look "martian", the fakes have weird looking holes, mine have the holes looking like they are legit. 

Serial numbers on back of driver. 

Mine say made in Thailand. 


Things that threw me off, there is slight waves on headband, but only if you look closely. I do not want to lie to myself that they are not clear waves as I can bias my own opinion by wanting mine to really legit. 


Before I purchase my MDRV6's, I thought I had done my research, but listening closely I think the balance might be off indicating that mine might be fakes.

There could be other reasons why the unbalance is heard: I buy some of my mp3s from Amazon so it might be a bad rip. Sometimes their songs are really unbalanced, it varies by song so this is an indicator that they might be legit headphones. 


I have bought straight knock offs in the past on ebay. Some clear knockoffs were Pioneer CDj1000's. The Pioneers were a total joke since there was a lot of bass and the design was different from originals. I also bought a pair of fake Sony MDR v700. The MDR V700's were a total joke as well, the drive went out quick and they were China.


My learning experience tells me that my current MDR V6 seem legit. They produce sounds that I would not normally pick up on regular headphones. I can point out the good bass and I also notice the distinguished bands, through what might be my good pair. Over the years I have built a good ear and I can say that mine might just be the read deal. I will post pictures later. I would like to hear people's opinion on my particular case. 

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From what I see and how you describe the sound I would say they are real

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The counterfeit headphones sound like crap, anyone who is in the least knowledgeable can tell the difference. It isn't a close call.
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