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Does this look real to you guys? They have more pictures towards the bottom.
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Not sure... but to me the digital sticker is a sign that they are fake.... also the headband seems a little too rugged for a original v6.....

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Well folks, I am expecting the worst, after having read this thread.  My overseas MDR-v6's should be arriving in the mail any minute now.  Will post pictures and will appreciate any advice on whether they are real or fake.  

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@moshimoshi: those listed for sale are fake in every way. Sticker, headband, even the specs listed are wrong plus coming from Hong Kong is another bad sign.  I would ONLY buy from an authorized seller listed on Sony's official website. It's not worth getting a "good deal" on these because if the price is too good to be true it probably is. Too bad the street price has gone up to around $85 these days, which is now more expensive than the 7506's which can be had for $78. Anyone know if the V6's are being discontinued? They are no longer on Sony's site...

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Pretty sure I ordered a fake from eBay... 14 day return policy at least. Is it placebo that they sound better than my $30 Panasonics? They definitely leak a lot less. Hopefully these pictures show if they're fake.




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Hard to tell from the cord, but the driver photo definitely says fake. If you post a pic of the headband that would help confirm, but based on the drivers alone I would return them asap

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I'm not very picky about headphones and these sound good to me. I still have a while to return them.


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Hmmm the headband actually looks rather legit but from what I could see from the "for digital" sticker it seems sloppily printed which is a sign of being fake, and the drivers don't look like mine at all (which I bought from an authorized seller). If you like them but they are indeed fake, there's a chance you may not even like the real V6's since they would have much more treble (from what I've read of comparing fakes to real V6's)

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The end connecter only works fully if I twist it in a certain way, this happened with my old headphones too. It's probably the computer input, right? Also the red piece that says "R" fell off so I'm pretty sure they're fake. I don't know how much return shipping to Hong Kong is if I want to return them. Thanks for the help thus far. http://imgur.com/7SJw3h6 I tried them in my phone too and it did the same thing so I'm guessing my computer may have damaged them.

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I've never heard of an input damaging a pair of phones unless the jack happened to be manufactured slightly smaller by defect. From my experience cheap phones usually short out just because they aren't built well. Also, my left and right indicators are very solid and I can'y pull them out even if I try.  Is the threaded part of the plug gold? If so they are definitely fakes. You may try to call the company out on selling fakes and see if they will pay for return shipping since product wasn't as advertised. If you do get the real V6's, they are definitely very detailed and bright, but I know of a mod to tone the harshness down a little and still keep the clarity if you do find them too harsh:


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Okay. The twisty part is gold so they are fakes. I may try to return them but am afraid they won't pay me back. Seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/400505265995?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 The sound is okay but I'm not sure the best. If I return them is there anywhere I could get them for $65 or maybe even less? Warranty ends on the 25th.

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Yeah, it's a risk trying to return them to China, you'd probably need tracking info to prove it got there to get refunded, and it may take a while. I'm sure ebay buyer protection would help you out if they didn't refund you- you could open a case as long as you had proof you returned it. It's a shame because I bought my real ones a few months ago for $54 including shipping (I'm in the U.S.), but now for some odd reason it seems the prices are up around $85. There's the MDR-7506's which are thought to be the same headphone, which usually cost more, but are now less money costing around $78! Personally, I would not buy any Sony headphone unless it was directly from these companies: 




I personally prefer bhphoto. You can look through them and see if you can find a better deal

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The code in this photo http://cdn.head-fi.org/d/d5/d534d475_DSC05596.jpeg

It is in all the drivers? Or only on one driver?

Because I have see this post http://www.head-fi.org/t/574964/sony-mdr-v6-mods-sound-like-grados

And... they not have the serial number...

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Check also the driver: http://cdn.head-fi.org/8/87/900x900px-LL-876adcf9_DSC05590.jpeg

There is a clear difference. :)

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