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Advice from owners of Ultrasone Pro900

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I need some advice please from owners of the Ultrasone Pro 900. I need to know whether my new headphones are faulty or this is just the way they sound. I have just taken delivery of my Pro900s and have noticed a few things.


1) The 3.5mm jack connector with the thread doesnt lock tightly in the earpierce - it will continue to turn even though I think I have pushed it as far into the hole as possible. Even when I get to the tightest point, I get no sound. I have to untighten it and then I get sound alternating from left to right until I hit the sweet spot where the sound comes out of both earpieces.


2) The sound is awful. It is very very tinny. It sound like I am listening to a band in a small hall with really bad pa system and the singer's mike has been turned right down so that he is a long way back from the main band


I have tested them on a B&O sound system, a Cowon D9 and my laptop and they sound the same across the board. Is there something wrong with my earphones or is this how they shoudl sound? Or do I need to wait for burn in? Do I need to amp them?


All advice\help appreciated as I may need to return them ASAP if there is something wrong.



Thanks in advance

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the 3,5mm jack is screwed-in type..

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there is definitely something wrong with them man.  that is exactly how mine sounded when I first got them... the vocals were really distant and the volume was much lower than my other headphones (I immediately knew there was something not right and there is no way they were supposed to sound that way) then it occured to me there was something either wrong with the cable or the plug... a few minute later I figured it out and I screwed in the cable fully and I was relieved to hear perfect sound 100x better.  The cable should screw in all the way until it is very tight, otherwise the sound will be crappy.

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You screwed it in until it wasn´t possible to screw it any further? You aren´t just trying to push it in I hope.

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When the jack is not screwed in tightly you get tinny sound. At first I thought that was how it was supposed to be like as well until I screwed it in further. The design is definitely not great but you should be able to get the good contact by turning it more if the phones are not fautly.

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Thanks everyone for your comments. I guess I wasnt being hard enough with my headphones, as I handed them to my wife and she obviously pushed the screw end in harder than me and tightened it right up and guess what....they now sound as I expected them to...lol


Phew....now thats sorted, can I ask...do they need time to burn in? Would they benefit from a portable amp with my Cowon D9? my laptop ?




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I didn't really think they benefitted that much from a portable amp (alo rx). They do benefit from a desktop though

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Research the kees mod, its the best bang for buck upgrade available for u.  They sound good from an ipod but much better from a proper DAC + AMP setup

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That tinny sound is the sound of ground not meeting. Remember it, sometimes you may think the drivers are broken but it's actually just the cable failing.

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Phew....now thats sorted, can I ask...do they need time to burn in?  2,000 hours.....lol
Would they benefit from a portable amp with my Cowon D9? my laptop ? Yes, Yes


Congratz on getting it sorted out.  Push slightly and screw for the cable......

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