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Altec Lansing BackBeat 903/906 Headphone Impressions

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Well I don't feel like I'm qualified to do a detailed sound review analysis, but I will post my impressions. I've had these for a couple months.


Got these for $40 I think.


I'm unsure how the AD2p bluetooth protocol works though, at what point is the digital converted to analog, source or in the cans?.


Bluetooth connection: Cuts out more with my laptop's integrate BT, less with my desktop's $2 ebay BT USB adapter (which is farther away too). Highly dependent on room geometry, but stable within 5 ft for me, full coverage in a confined room. YMMV.

However, it can cause problems with other BT devices, since AD2p uses a lot of BT's limited bandwidth. Don't notice bitrate degredation with 320kbps mp3s, my limited FLAC collection loses a bit of its special magic, but I'm not sure if it's the drivers or the BT.


Also, make sure your source supports AD2p, won't work with my ancient sony ericson candybar.


Audio quality: Acceptable for me. Nothing strikes me as particularly good. I hear a little bit less detail (could be bitrate issue? Dunno ) in mids as from my suitemate's Koss portapros, but the bass is tighter and not as muddy. Better than free buds, about the same as a low end $20 can.


Also features a "bassboost" feature that doesn't degrade quality too much or muddying the bass. Decent bass compared to junk boutique super-bass phones that just spew forth mud.


Highs are not as good as the only system that I've heard with good highs (this is more about my lack of listening experience), a pair of $2k B&Ws that belong to my dad.


EDIT: SOUNDSTAGE: some vague separation, but it's hard picking out different instruments, and it's very narrow.


All in all, probably more limited by AD2P than drivers, and pretty decent for a bluetooth headset. A normal person could use these for serious listening.


Build quality: Solid, but it doesn't strike me as tank-like. The wire connecting the pieces is like 6mm think, pretty thick.


Isolation: None.


Comfort: Decent, especially since glasses usually interfere with over the ear style phones, but takes awhile to get the right fit. Stays on.


Battery: Could be longer. Also, has a funny issue that if it runs dead and is left awhile, it'll need a day or two before it'll take a charge. Wierd. Just gotta remember to keep them juiced.


Obviously in no way these are my listening cans. As of right now I'm using them for vent and whenever I need wireless phones (which is admittedly not often),


Mic: Admittedly, I have not heard the other side, but it is understandable to others on vent. And yes these have a mic on them (where I don't know ~.~)




Q? C?

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Thanks.  I'm considering the Backbeat 903+ right now.  Looking for the convenience of no wires and for working out.  I want decent sound quality, but I know that bluetooth can't compare to a good pair of wired headphones.

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