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Go for the S4?

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As I need i new player, ( think i will go for the clip+ 8gb ) I also want a new pair of IEMs. The Klipsch Image s4 seems like a good pair, and I think they will be my choise,


I already own a pair of creative ep630 and listen almost exclusively to metall. How big improvement in the sound quality will the s4 provide compared to my old ep630?

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Klipsch X5 is currently $120 at Amazon.  That's a great deal.  They are much better than the S4.

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Have the SANSA Fuze and S4's. Can't say anything about metal music but the device and IEM's work well together and for Jazz/Classical/Country/Bug Band sound good together.

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120 is still 50% more than 80....besides, I am ordering from a page where I have gift-sertificate, and the S4's are on sale :P
Something like the X5 will propably be my next step after S4, but for now, I'm just i poor student 
So unless you think they are a bad choise, I think I will go for the S4

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I can't say how big an improvement they will be, but from what I remember of them the bass was bloated more than I liked.  Some people say it clears up after about 100 hours of burn in (since it's a dynamic driver), but I didn't give them the time. 

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But they will still sound better right? As they are a lot more expensive than ep630...

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Price doesn't necessarily mean better - for example, you might not like a particular sound signature on a more expensive iem, so...that could happen..


However, I have a feeling you'll like the S4.  I had them only about 2 weeks before I returned them, but they were fun, very comfortable, and actually sounded pretty good.  I've never heard the ep630 so I can't compare, but I think the S4s are a good choice. 


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Then it's settled then. S4 it is, as i will get them for about 50 USD :D 

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S4 for $50 is reasonable.  I do think the bass is bloated but they're OK.

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Yap, ordered them now looking forward to them. I will post my opinion on the bass here when i get them. 

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Be careful hanging out around headfi! I bought some Turbine Pro Golds about 2 months ago and decided to come here and read some impressions on them. 2 months of hanging out around headfi and I've spent another $1000 on stuff I never thought I would own...I'm so broke right now it's pathetic lol. But I'm still not finished.
Oh and congrats on he new purchase and welcome to headfi! There's some really good people around here who would be happy to help you with any future purchases. I think you'll like the S4. They sound great for the price. The only negative thing I've heard about them is the build quality. More specifically the cable is a little thin and flimsy so I've heard. Just be careful with them and they should be a good phone for you. You might wanna look into getting some Comply foam tips for them.
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Hahaha  Don't worry, the only thing i want next is a portable headphone, like k450 or px 200-ll  well, and the 8gb clip+ of course XD
...and the Fuze+....

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Originally Posted by kristianfredrik View Post

Hahaha  Don't worry, the only thing i want next is a portable headphone, like k450 or px 200-ll  well, and the 8gb clip+ of course XD

...and the Fuze+....

Oh I was the same way buddy. I was and still am perfectly happy with my Turbine Pros. After a few days of headfil I was wondering "why are these morons walking around with freaking headphone amps strapped to their PMPs?" A month later and I'm walking around with an amp strapped to my iPhone! I had no Ida what I was getting myself into. But, I've fully embraced my newest hobby. And the good people here at headfi are the greatest!
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Well, I have never thought of buying an AMP, but now that we're on to the subject. Isn't AMPs just for huge phones on small mp3-players?


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