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FS: FT: Hifiman RE0 ( AUS ) *** SOLD***

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Im selling my RE0s so i can put the money to my RE262s.

Ive also got the ZEROs so no point in keeping them both.

This RE0s were bought new in Dec 2009 so they are just over 8 months old (its the new version).

They have been well looked after and sound as good now as ever.

Everything is included as when New (All tips, shirt clip & filters).


Im asking $69 aud. This includes Registered Post to Australia.

Payment by paypal.

I will only ship to Australia as postage OS is too expensive to make it viable.


Will consider For Trade for: RE252, Walkman A829, A729. Price differences to be negotiated.


PM me.


Please check my Feedback at Ebay.




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Good deal. Just paid $80 for mine (couple of weeks old)!


Is that case new? Or is that the RE-ZERO case?

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Thats the original RE0 case.

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Also, apologies - I now read it is AUD

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I just sent you a pm Mark.

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Replied to your PM Mark

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*** SOLD ***


Thanks Mark

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Dammit I would have jumped on this :/

Well done to Mark.

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