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Oh , I'll PM you later. I still have my first SR-60 and oddly enough my SR-225 I bought two years later ended up dropping a driver sooner even though I'd leave the SR-60's playing for hours at a time. 


1k posts in 3 months? You've been busy man

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Originally Posted by electropop View Post

Edition 9 bass "super tight"? You must be joking. eek.gif


nope they had a nice tight bass, I'm not saying it didn't extend but I am saying it didn't hod the sound spectrum.


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dre beats is the king of overrated junk. Bose AE's, and the bang and olufsen headphones(I forgot their name)

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Originally Posted by droido256 View Post

 the bang and olufsen headphones(I forgot their name)


All of them. 


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Hmm out of all my phones I would have to say the Audio Technica AD700 is the most overrated phone I have.. I have a Panasonic RP-HT770 that sound better in every way and cost half as much.. I can't even use the AD700 for gaming as the Panasonics once again does this better..


AD700s.. For the money you can get do much better.. It is the very definition of overrated. Not to mention kinda clownish looking to boot..

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Originally Posted by Chris_Himself View Post


All of them. 


The U70 looks pretty cool though.


I didn't really like the D2000. They sounded a bit too sucked out in the midrange.


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Very interesting thread indeed ...



(my music preferences: Jazz, Vocals, Classical, Acoustic, Audiophile, Indian etc. ... hardly any rock, no metal etc.)


AKG-701 - They need to be re-cabled and burnt in for at least 300 hours to really reward you with reference quality sound ... stock 701's are lifeless ... yes I have compared them with AKG 1000 in Woo Audio 5 amp with WE 300 tubes with a couple of audio buddies - both of them slightly preferred the re-cabled701 over AKG-1000 - and I could understand that - though 1000 were amazing by themselves - a classic ...


Same with Senn 600 - they need to be re-cabled AND need a matching good quality powered amp - otherwise they sound ho-hum ... (they can benefit from removal of foam (and / or grill) to open them up ...


M50s are quite good for their price - I found them very easy to listen to - amped or straight out of ipod - they were portable and constructed very well - all for ~$100 - what's not to like about them at that price - I eventually got 840s - they sounded even better and now 940 - though better than previous two, do not sound as balanced and the other two - perhaps more burn-in will help ...



For me, the most over-rated were the Ultrasone 2500, I even had Ed 8 for a week for a review - I respectfully returned them - I found them very colored and bloated ... I bet they sound fantastic to some people in their system based on their system preferences.


I Like the HiFiMan offerings - I had their HE-5 - really liked them - better than recabled AKG701 in most areas ... but not their treble  ... 


I am beginning to think that we have different ears and possibly our ears are "EQ-ed" differently and each one of us are sensitive to certain frequencies more than others ... what is dull for one may be smooth for someone else - what is detailed for one is bright for another etc ...


Yes, I do believe that there can be a reference or several references for that matter and we may deviate from that - based on music type (genre, compression), equipment (source, amp, cables) and preferences (flat, fun, colored, EQ etc.)


This only goes to show the importance of trying a headphone in your system ... to really make a proper opinion of them for yourself ...





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Originally Posted by JamesMcProgger View Post

I liked my sony v6 more than the M50, and Im sure somebody would agree with me. even when the v6 cost 40$ less (or 20$) and its from a more well known brand, yet the M50 pop up in every recommendation thread about a closed can. isnt that overrated?

x2  the v6 is so old and trusted, you see it practically everywhere in broadcasting along with the hd25, and that is the reason most diss it. It doesn't help that there is an avalanche of fake v6 biggrin.gif.

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I thought the M50 was way better than the V6 and every other Sony I've heard for that matter.  Except maybe the R10.

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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post

I thought the M50 was way better than the V6 and every other Sony I've head for that matter.  Except maybe the R10.

fair enough. I guess it means you just don't like Sonytongue.gif. I have to admit I fell for the hype of the M50 and bought one. I plugged them both to my Onkyo system, a very nice vintage marantz with a great warm sound and my headroom micro amp. They are good cans for the money, but not better than the v6/7506 IMHO. ymmv.

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Every Sony I've heard with the exception of the R10 was exceedingly harsh and bright.  Not that I loved the R10, they didn't seem that great, but I didn't listen very long.  I'd take the M50 out of an ipod over the CD3000/SA5000/Qualia any day. 

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In my opinion, sennheiser hd 280 pro
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Most overrated? Beats, Skullcandies, and Souls, straight-up.

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Audeze LCD2.  No headphone in the hifi market was as hyped or as popular after its release, yet it did not measure extremely well, required copious and dangerous levels of voltage to properly drive, had earpads that could not be removed, was unbalanced in comfort and had a poor quality stock cable, had a poor soundstage and sounded very closed in and lacking width.  Yet, people ate it up.  Its the Audiophile worlds Beats by Dre as similarly priced sets measured better and had a much larger sound with greater efficiency and comfort.  

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I can't speak for Rev 1 lc2, but the rev2 is one of the best measuring around.  I thought audiophile beats was edition 10.

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