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This is an interest check for a 2 year-old, DECWARE TABOO tubed stereo amplifier in like new condition. This amp uses a 12AU7; 12AT7 or 12AX7 out front, with 2 EL-84/6BQ5's for power and tube rectification using a 5Y3 or 5U4 rectifier. Priced at $795 including US shipping.


The unit has the black Colonial base, just like the unit depicted on the website. The specifications for the amp are found here:




My unit does not have the modification known as CCE or hazen grid, which was innovated primarily for the other DECWARE amps that use the SV83 output tube. While the CCE modification can be done on this amp, it only works when SV83 tubes are used in it. Because the amp was designed for the EL-84, I cannot see why anybody would want to dial the performance back by using an SV83, which, while it has a lot of detail, lacks the inherent "spank" of the EL-84.



This amp is well seasoned and it sings with EL-84 magic.

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Bump - photograph added.

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Did you sell the Taboo?
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I sold that a long time ago.

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I assumed as much, but thanks for writing back. What took its place, if you don't mind me asking?

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Brand new TABOO with 2 switchable variable inputs, V-caps and CCE modification.

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Delightful. Waiting on mine now.

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