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Hi there.  I bought a pair of EX85's from 2 years ago and they recently stopped working so I sourced a new pair (oddsandpods).


My original pair came in plastic packaging (similar to most earphones) and had the warranty and ownership booklet in many different languages.  They were made in Thailand.


The pair I have now recieved are made in china and the box is white cardboard with chinese written all over it - very flimsy looking.  The warranty is also in chinese.  The silicone buds also don't seem to be the same as the ones that came with my original pair - they seem of a lesser quality.  The wire is also more 'rubbery' on the new ones


They say mdr-ex85 SL in the paperwork, but they clearly have one long 1.2m cable (similar to LP).  Also, no pouch was included with them


Are these fake?  Or It is just that one was for the european market and one was made for the chinese market?


The most confusing part is that they are manufacturered in different countries! 

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