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My LCD-2.2 will be here tomorrow. Im so excited i can barely contain myself. Its like waiting for christmas eve to be over to only wake up to presents under the tree.

I also have a quick question for all of you. Does any know how much audeze charges to swap out the wood cable connects for the updated terminals? Do they even charge for this? 
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Can't help with your question, but I do know of your excitement and they will be everything you expect and more... Or that's how I feel about them biggrin.gif

The LCD-2 are terrible. You'll hate them. Everything you expect is a lie and they will disappoint you and make you cry (hey, that rhymes).

Lol! Just trying to curb the over enthusiasm just in case. I'm sure you'll love them as I do mine! biggrin.gif

I'm pretty sure they would charge for the connector swap as it would require the whole cup to be changed, but I'm not sure what the price would be. Just ask them, they're pretty good over there.