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Stunning pair of headphones. 


Open design rules apply to this headphone, sound leaks as all sounds surrounding you comes in also. Thats probably the ONE unfortunate part of theese is that you can't go listen in public areas. 


Otherwise, an amazing sound quality, the open design has the Openess and the large sound stage. Incredible. 


When listening to music with punchy bass, the LCD-2s handle it so well, like.. like... a A380taking off??? IDK, its perfect. It's the only headphone I have used that handles so many music so well. As expected, treble is slightly weaker than other closed designs, but not significant to change a style of a music. 


Anyways, on my Setup, I have the best sound I have ever experienced in my life. 


WHEN i play the piano or the drums or any other instrument I play these headphones are perfect due to the open design, you can hear your own music while listening to your own instrument. SO many uses other than public usage :P


Cant find any competition in the same price range, or even price ranges up to the 1.5ks~