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Just posting a photo


Audeze LCD2 with Fazor

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Enjoy !!
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I recently got confirmation on something that I have mentioned on head-fi before, but people didn't seem to believe.  We all know that the new LCD2.2F models have an impedance of 70 ohms, but before that many people assumed that they were 50 ohms.  I know that all of the reviews out on the web, such as the 6 moons review, state that their LCD2 were 50 ohm, but I recently asked Audeze about my own LCD2 that has had the serial number sticker removed.  Without the serial number I would have had to send it in to determine if mine was a rev 1 or a rev 2.  My pair of LCD2 measure at 60 ohms and when I mentioned this to Audeze they confirmed that LCD2 rev 1 measure at 45 ~ 50 ohms, rev 2 measure at 60 ohms, and the fazor models measure at 70 ohms.  If you are ever unsure of what model you have, just check the resistance and you can get your answer if you have a multimeter lying around.


I know it seems pretty random for me to post this here, but I really couldn't find this information anywhere on head-fi or anywhere else.  I just thought the information needs to be out there.

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Cool. It does not matter much, if at all, but amps perform better into higher impedance loads in some ways so increasing it is a good thing.

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