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Originally Posted by saxelrod92 View Post

Also it would be good to consider the new Hifiman planars like the HE-560, and possibly the Sennheiser HD800


Ha, you've picked out two more phones that are currently creating wild eddies and currents in the Head-Fi waters. The HD800 is notorious for polarising opinion, of course, but I can't seem to get much consensus on the 560 either. Oh, when will the clouds ever clear and the light shine on just one headphone? 


(Enough metaphors already! :p)

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pp312, if I recall correctly you found the tonality of the hd595 to your liking right? If so...you'll have no issues with the t1....they're quite similar tonally. The weight is much lighter than the lcd2.
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Hi, SP. Your memory serves you faithfully; and I still have a pair of 595s in the drawer. However, time has moved on and my ears have deteriorated accordingly, so that I'm now currently using a DT880 Pro, albeit with a little treble attenuation. Such is the way of ears. That aside, I find it hard to believe from the reviews (and FR response below) that the T1 and 595 sound at all similar. My 595 has a noticeable treble rolloff, as per the graph, whereas many T1 reviews complain of sharp treble.




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I think you'll enjoy the t1s just fine pp. The he560s are the same in price if new kinda, should be lighter too.
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Originally Posted by saxelrod92 View Post

Yea the newer pads create a better seal, and that creates a better sound (more air in your case). Anyone with a new model can demonstrate this by simply breaking the seal slightly and you'll notice the sound get less air and more boomy. A planar driver needs this good seal because to take full advantage of it's large surface area, it needs to be able to move the air at maximum efficiency, when theres a break in the seal, it can't accomplish this. Think of it like moving a door back and forth to create air flow, except in a sealed chamber, and at very high speeds, which creates sound. the better that chamber is sealed, the more precise every movement of the diaphragm becomes in terms of sound quality.


It's not just better sound, to me the sound is now perfectly balanced, gripping the deepest bass, providing plenty of air, while keeping voices and instruments sounding all natural. 

( I suppose the Fazor editions are even better, but I have not heard them, so I can safely keep enjoying these :-)

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