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I bought these this week. They are excellent imho! The comfort is among the best I have ever tried. They also sound very good. Highly recommended!

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I tried them out for about a week but returned them due to audio quality. I like that they are open and stay in ur ears even when running. It sounds distant and clouded. The sound detail is equal to earphones less than half the price. If they cost 50 bucks I might pick some up just to run with but not for $100. They are nice just way overpriced imo
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I have had these for around three years now. They are definitely comfortable and stay in your ear nicely. It took a little while to get used to the silicone tips that they use, but they work well.


I'm not a huge audiophile nor do I have a lot of experience in headphones, so I can't really describe them to the level of detail that you guys use :P


The sound is well balanced, and is good to use casually or while running. They don't isolate noise a whole lot, but I wouldn't really expect that from these.


The durability leaves a bit to be desired, though. The rubber sheath that covers the wires is starting to fray where it goes into the left earbud and where the two wires join into a single wire. Also, the spring in the clip that holds the headphones to your shirt, etc broke so it's essentially useless now. I think I had these replaced under warranty once for the outer sheath already.

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I had the same thing happen with my current pair. Bose offered me a new set at half price, but instead I used Sugru and made my own repair before the fraying affected sound quality. Then again, I use them everyday.

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I have the sport ones, and I've been told they're a bit more durable.  I have had a bunch of Sonys (up to my MDR-EX600), Etys, Shure E2c, UE TripleFi 10, and quite a lot of others.  The Bose have been great, as I use them while cycling, and they have a very nice little trick they pull: you can hear what's going on behind you.  Their ports redirect everything from behind you into your ear canals, and if you aren't blasting them you can get a really nice, directional reference to what's going on.  I've used them with my Galaxy Note 2, and now my Note 3.  I switched back to cabled units as all my Bluetooth setups (including two Sonys) get jammed with ridiculous RFI problems when going through some neighborhoods.  I keep them in a small can in my "murse," and at work I tend to use Bose QC15, Sony MDR-V6, or my Pioneer HDJ-2000s with my FiiO E18 Kunlun DAC/Amp.  I use the amp with my work PC since the stock audio chipset failed, and it lets me go over Soundcloud material.  I use the various headphones when working so I can check out different stuff I've made, or that of others, to get a feel for their sound.  But the Bose stuff sounds fine, and is really light.  Granted, my original TriPorts fell apart from heavy use and storage in my backpack going back and forth to work, but I never actually contacted them to get them replaced (didn't think of it).


I will say I don't use them for critical listening, because they are definitely "seasoned" or "colored," if you will.  I prefer very clear headphones when I make music, which is why I just picked up my AKG Q701 for reverb and mixing work, but I still use my monitors and MDR-V6s (that are WELL broken-in) to work with the bass of each track.  After that, a lot of Bose usage for field listening.  :-)

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