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Sold ICU my E75 Minidisc Player. Best MO interaction I've ever, ever done. Great communication and as stated, a super fast payment by MO.

Thanks much Bob!

- Tim
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About 2 weeks ago ICU and myself began discussing a CMOY amp he wanted, which i built for him. Everything went smooth, received payment within 3 days, couldnt have been any better. Never a rude moment, thanks alot Bob.
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Great buyer!

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Bob is a great guy to do business with! Very communicative, friendly, fast payment and an overall pleasure. Highly recommended fellow hi-fi'er.
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Bob is good people and a pleasure to do business with. I have never dealt with a better buyer.
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ICU is a really cool guy as the kids like to say. Instant payment and a true pleasure to do business with. Thanks!
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Yapple dapple! made a trade plus cash with ICU, and it was just a fun transaction -- laughs and howls, celebrations and toasts, even a parade! OK, really, it was a fun trade, real chill, good PM's back and forth, and neat surprises. Don't hesitate.
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Great guy with whom to initiate and complete a transaction. A+ in my book!
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Bob bought my Hi-Md player. Payment was received quickly. Another excellent Head-Fi deal. Highly recommended.
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Bob bought an N707 and a CT470 from me. Even met me at my local library to save us both some time. It was great to see another head-fi user. Would ABSOLUTELY deal with him again. Thanks!
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bought a bunch of 9v's from me. very good person to deal with. highly recommended for speedy payment!
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Sold my Super Mini Moy to Bob. Fast, friendly - what more could you ask for?
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Sold bob my foreplay. Very courteous buyer and knows what he wants. Thanks Bob for a smooth transaction. I definately recommend him to anyone.
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ICU and I just did a seamless trade. Good guy.
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Bought my SR71, great guy!
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