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I also had the pleasure of selling to ICU. A pleasant experience! Thanks!
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Pleasure to deal with!

I sold my Sony MDR-E888LP earphones to him a few days ago. He paid very promptly and was very friendly. I would highly recommend dealing with him!
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bought a AKG K501 from ICU and things went so smooth and he even shipped the item in advance before getting my money order .

this guyis one of the best traders here .
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Sold him an Mp3 player and as always speedy and courteous (not my first transaction with him either, but I don't see previous feedback from me so either I forgot or it occured long ago). In anycase what I do remember is I'd not hesitate one bit to do business with him.
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ditto on all that, sold a MD player, nothing but good things to say about the whole process.
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Sold ICU a pair of tubes.. immediate payment and great communication throughout! I'd definately deal with him again!

Thanks much!
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Just got his package.I never did anything like this before(we traded (HD580's for ETY ER-6's)Alot of trust envolved we shipped at the same time.Needless to say ICU is a man of his word and Im very happy with my new ETY'S....I wish everything in life could be this easy.
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ICU bought my PX 100. Excellent transaction, no complaints! Would do business with him again, no question.
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Thumbs up!

ICU purchased an MZ-R55 and various accessories from me. Paid promptly, GREAT communication! I would definitely deal with him again in the future.

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Another successful transaction with ICU. As before, excellent communication and prompt payment. I recommend him highly.
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trade completed

I just traded my Beyer DT250-80's for ICUs' grado sr125's. He is a gentleman to do business with and IMO a very trustworthy person.His communication is top notch,leaving nothing to be desired. Always in contact thru-out the transaction.I will gladly do business with him again and highly recommend him.

>Thanks ICU<
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Another member of the ICU fan Club :)

ICU is a friendly guy and responds promptly and is flexible and easy to work with. I recently sold him my B&O a8s and with any luck he'll get them shortly. He just wants to see what a meta42 will do for them, brave soul.

Not only did he send the payment quickly, but it was crisp and new. Thanks, ICU
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i sold him a pair of earbuds and get prompt payment. good dealer.
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ICU bought tangent's built meta from me. The amp has developed the problems during the shipping process. ICU was patience enough and we works things out eventually. Anyway, thanks for a good transaction. Sorry for any problem. Thumbs up for you.

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Sold ICU my Meta. He was easy to communicate with and was always prompt, even after some trouble with money order (my fault, not his ).

_Highly_ recommended!
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