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If any of you are lucky enough to work with ICU, I envy you. He's patient, friendly, and efficient. I've conducted two transactions with him... one for a set of EVIL sony gumsticks, and one for a set of HD580s. In both instances, he has paid extremely fast and patiently waited for it to arrive (for some stupid reason, it takes 11 days for USPS priority mail to get to him ).
Highest possible recommendation!
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I sold an amp to ICU. He was very fast in answering PMs and sent payment at a lightning fast speed. Thanks!
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ICU purchased my Creek combo. Payment was received 4 days after he sent it. Great to do business with. The only suggestion I have for him is to clean out his PM box more often.
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Quick payment and emails.
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ditto: Quick payment and emails, thanks again, and sorry for the delay in receiving shipment.
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Another fast and easy transaction with ICU.
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Another member of the ICU Fan Club - its leaving in the morning Bubba!
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Sold my HD600s to ICU. Payment was prompt, communication was excellent and he's a nice guy.

Thanks ICU.
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Recently I traded an extra pair of Ety ER6 for ICU's Creek OBH-11. ICU was very friendly and easy to communicate with, and the Creek arrived on time and well packed. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks for a great trade, ICU! It's nice to finally hear my Senns through a headphone amp!
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ICU you pay so fast!! He's nice too. Thumbs up!
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Payment for my TAH was prompt, just like everyone said. Fun guy to converse with as well. Very happy with the experience -- recommended!

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Very nice to deal with, prompt payment, efficient... A+
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2 nice transaction

How could I possibly posted this too late.
He really is a nice guy. Excellent communication. Fast payment and delivery. Highly recommended!

Thanks ICU

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ICU purchased my Audio Technica amp a couple of months ago, and showed great patience in the face of sloooooooow snail mail. He's prompt and courteous and I recommend him highly.
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Had the pleasure of selling my Supermini to ICU. Fast payment, friendly fellow, has Sonic's stamp of approval.


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