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headphones rec to pair with audinst mx-1

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hi, i just got myself a set of dac/amp - audinst mx1, and it is my first, so logically, im quite satisfied with it as a dac for my speakers as well as for my iems.


but im going overseas to study soon, and i wouldnt be bringing my 2.1 speakers over. so my solution to this is to buy a set of headphones.


just wondering which set of headphones can be driven well enough by the audinst because i probably wouldnt be buying a dedicated amp in the near future.


i dont need it to be portable because i most probably be using it indoors only. have my iems for portable.

i believe in the source -> iem kind of portability, thus im not into any portably amps, although ive considered the mustang.


if it is of any help, i listen to a very large variety of music, and would like to limit myself to 1 set of headphones for the time being. my history of iems were um2 -> um3x -> sm3.


i dont have any budget in mind yet.. want to keep it open and see if anybody can help me with any inputs.


Im thinking of hd650 (maybe with blue dragon cable) or denon d5k (maybe markl mod) or bayer 990 (cant decide on the ohm). Or anything else, main concern is if the audinst will be able to drive it reasonably.

Maybe not to best, just reasonably.


thank you very much guys!

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I'll be receiving my Audinst MX 1's on Monday from Korea. I have some Sennheiser HD650's and some Grado 80's to test it with. I also have some Re0's and Triplefi 10's to test if your going down the IEM route. I'll keep you posted. 

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im actually quite happy with my iem with it, the sm3. because mainly they will be plugged into my ipod. looking forward to your feedback of audinst with the senns. (: grado just doesnt fit me i need them to be circumferential.

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Just curious, but why are you thinking of upgrading cables before getting an amp? Is it just because you don't want to carry that much bulk overseas? Anyway, it seems like you have a pretty hefty budget judging by the cans you're considering. I'd look into something like the Audio Technica AD2000 or maybe a pair of Ultrasone Pro 750/2500/900/2900. These headphones should all be driven easily without a dedicated amp. I have my 900s hooked up to an RSA amp and have to adjust the volume knob extremely low.


Alternatively, if you wanted to save on space but felt you needed an amp, you could look into the ibasso boomslang which is said to be capable of driving most full size cans effectively.

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