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Buying another pair! Need advice

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Hello Everyone!


So I'm ready to add to my headphone collection, and I need some advice.


I've been listening to all my music from these three headphones:


Akg 702


Sennheiser HD650


and Grado's SR225.


All my headphones are run from a LINN MIMIK CD player to my Little Dot MKV and then to the headphones.


I'm constantly switching between these to keep my ears hearing something new constantly.


For my new headphone I would like something different. Maybe closed. Maybe semi. Even open with a different sound. Not sure. But for one thing I do want more of a specific element. Bass. See I really love my music out of these headphones, but I'm a young guy and want that energy from some of my music that nothing but bass can deliver. When I say bass I mean full on subwoofer boom, or something with lots of energy. The bass of my headphones now seem like a tone, but have no feeling. Not saying I want the headphones to shake on my head, but I do want that eardrum shaking goodness.



Heres the fun part. My budget is $1000 or maybe a bit over if needed. 


I've heard the DT770 is a bassy headphone. Maybe some denon's even? I'm open to what you recommend. 


Also my amp is solid state, will a tube amp be bassier? 



Thanks to all responders! 


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HFI780 from Ultrasone looks good on bass..

also the M50

Shure SRH750DJ also good on bass.

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Anything a little higher-end?

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Grado? Possibly Denon as well.


- RS1i..........$695

- GS1000i.....$995

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Anyone use a high-end headphone for heavy bass music?

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Check out:


Denon AH-D7000/D5000

beyerdynamic DT 150

JVC HP-DX1000...

...among others that I don't have time to think of right now (studying for an exam).


Haven't heard any of the above, but FWIR, they all sound like they'd be good for bass-heavy music and are sufficiently different from what you have now.

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Anyone own any of these? :)


Thanks for the replys!

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Bump x2

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Look into either the Ultrasone Pro 900 or perhaps an edition 8/9 used. Denon D7000s are supposed to also be very impressive bass-wise FWIR.

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