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iBasso D10 Cobra or iBasso D4 Mamba

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I'm looking for a headphone amp to drive my Shure SRH 840's, using my ipod as a source. From what I've heard, the iBasso D4 is a fantastic amp, especially when paired with those headphones, and the price is right.

I was browsing the company site when I saw the D10. From the looks of it, its got more connection options than the D4, but as far as differences go.. thats it?

By no means do I need all of the connection options that the D10 has to offer, so it comes down to the question of which one sounds better. If anyone has any experience or simply some insight on the matter, I would be happy to hear from you. Do they sound different at all, and if so, which one is better and why. If they both sound the same, do the differences simply lie in the amount of connection options? Are the batteries different etc. etc.

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First of the SRH840 are easy to drive so you may not need the amp. Having said so the D4 is smaller and sounds better than the D10 when fed via USB. Both the D4 and D10 benefit from the TopKit from HiFlight. Lastly if you choose to go with the additional connectivity of the D10 be advised that an upgraded version the D12 should be out in a month or so. Lastly there is the Toucan and Boomslang should you think that you will go balanced in the future. Any chance  you could go to a meet to listen to the gear first? Good luck. 

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Yea they are easy to drive, but thats not really why I'm getting an amp. By no means do I need the headphones to go louder, I just want them to sound nicer.

For the most part, I won't be using the usb connection. I plan to have my ipod as a source, and as such, I will be using the battery. I know the D10 has a re-chargeable battery and the D4 does not; does that affect the SQ?

As for this TopKit, I can't seem to find information on it. That'd be great if you could either explain it to me or give me a link to a page that does.


And I very well might wait for the D12. So far, I've discerned that the D4 is a better performer, and the D10 has more connection options. The question I have is which will sound better, the D4 or the D12.

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I personally prefer the size of the D4, plus you can buy a couple of rechargeable 9 volt batteries w/ a charger and ... VOILA!


It will be a while before enough D12's are sold and thus feedback can be had.

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