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Yes, I'm curious too..

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over a year ago i asked (begged) justin to consider slapping a pico dac on gilmore lite (then eventually bought them separately eventually after cycling through a benchmark, etc.) - but it's still a sloppy desktop solution


this looks like it will just kill that - even outside of the technical improvements the functionality is ideal (preamp function to slap on a pair of active monitors or an amp for some bookshelves) - all under $1k


really, really cool - great product development Justin!


(personally i love the classic casing with the milled aluminum but who knows, maybe the new construction will grow on me)

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Aghh waiting for more info is agonizing. I can't wait for pics and a chance to preorder.

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Originally Posted by Asr View Post

zomg, I want it already! My jaw fell on the floor from the description! It's exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for!!!

Damn you Justin for emptying my wallet since 2006....

/goes off to cancel pre-order for an Arcam rDac

It's good for reference, Thanks for your sharing! It is just the solution for my problem.
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E T À?
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If the X2 can pump out more juice than the Gilmore Lite while maintaining its ultra-clean sound signature, this will be one hell of an office/transportable rig. 

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I aint buying it if it dont have spikes. Gotta have spikes!

Big, Black, Pointy Spikes!!!

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This unit may sway me back into a fullsize setup.

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Whats the latest?

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So need an update on this! Im having trouble deciding which direction to go... over the coming months.


Any sort of release date Justin..?? This year or further down the track..??

Originally Posted by Fickle-Friend View Post

Whats the latest?

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Question is, what can be expected performance wise, are we talking HA-160D, BCL or similar and would it be worth the wait?

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This sounds fantastic! This is the perfect form factor too. Good call going this direction...

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Pure speculation: Maybe the delay is because he's decided to up the power output, given the power needs of the orthodynamics such as the HE-6 and LCD-2?

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highly unlikely. it's more likely that if he wants to produce an amp to properly power those devices, it'll be different unit entirely.  i think Justin is just busy between (various) product development and product production. i'm not sure if he has anyone to help him or if he is a one man show.

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