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f/s(t) - JVC HAS-900, shure SRH240

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Hi all,


Like the title says, I have both pairs of these headphones for sale.



These are pretty much brand new, all I have done is take them on 1 plane trip, then put them in my sock drawer for 100 hours of burn in. They sound much improved compared to before the burn in. I have the hard shell case that came with them.


Looking for $50 shipped in CONUS


Shure SRH240

I am the second owner of these. Good headphone for travel, lightweight and blocks out sound well. Bass too anemic for my taste, and I recently replaced with a pair of JVC HA-RX900s.


Looking for $25 shipped.



I will consider all offers, check my ebay profile, profile, talk tennis( and hopefully I have some positive feedback here as well, all under runningmann ,or runningmanngt


buy both, and get a creative zen v mp3 player.



if you have any questions, or would like to see some pics, just pm me.



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Shure SRH240 pending to warrior.


If someone takes the HAS, they get the mp3 player.


here is what they are...this is a great deal guys... I need them gone to buy a new phone.

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Not to thread crap, but you did link the more expensive of the two listings on Amazon.  And the difference is between them isn't negligible, given this price point.  To be fair, your $50 asking price is still less than the $66 asking price from Amazon, but still.  The link you provided isn't the best one on Amazon.

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Shure sold, JVC + creative still available.

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I dropped my phone, and I need a new one. If my price is too high, feel free to make an offer.

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$40 shipped to conus

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bump again, really need these gone, im getting tired of not seeing my cellphone.


JVC HA-RX900 - $30+ shipping


JVC HA-S900 - $30+ shipping


creative zen v 1gb - $10 + shipping


take everything for $70 shipped.



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