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FS IBasso T4

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  I have an Ibasso T4 amp with about 50-75 hrs of usage that is heavily scratched on one side. The amp works perfectly and comes with box and charger. The only reason that is so worn is because I used to use it at the gym and rest it on the machines. The exterior of the t4 is very prone to scratching.

It's a great little amp but I do not use it anymore ever since I bought my iphone last November.

$60 Shipped to CONUS (sorry about the blurry photo, but you get the idea).



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Would you mind giving us a little better picture and have your name written next to it?

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yes can you provide a clearer pic? im very interested.

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Here is a better pic.t4

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Here is the bottom:





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Bump. Good luck with your sale, very good price.

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Will you ship to canada?

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I'll take it!  PM your PayPal email to me.and I will send $$ and my mailing address.

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