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[Review] MEElectronics M9

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This is my first review here, i too was chosen to review an M9. I already owned one, But it seems that the M9 has been improved a little. Before starting, i'd like to excuse myself for not providing pictures, i can't find my camera! but there are enough pictures of this around the web. And secondo, i'm no expert audiophile! Music style - Trance/Dance/Pop/Rap/Classical .. i guess most style..


Tests done on Zune HD PMP, Laptop, Ipod Touch(avoid this piece of crap for your sake)



Out of the box items - Earphone, carry case (not so cute with the logo and all the writings on the front), some of the ear thingies,

1 thingy for use in airplanes and a big rubber that i still haven't figure out how to use!


MEE: a redesign of the case or logo would be a nice touch.


Sound quality - This thing provides freakishly clear sound! I tried all the buds that come along. You would want to use the default (double) one for some trance/techno. It's a very good noise isolation bud but not very comfortable. I do not use mine anymore.

The other buds are all regular ones and provide enough noise isolation.

Bass - Not so much. I tried on laptop, ipod(the worse btw) and the zune.. The bass is clear and smooth but you feel that it lacks a little punch.. just a little more would be awesome. 


Build - Mine has been on severe use for around 4months now, and it's still alive. I'm used to killing earphones within weeks! This has been falling from my pockets soooo many times... hit the wall while swinging it.. everyday approx 4-5 hits.. still alive..



Now the annoying part: 

The cord isn't good at all... it might be beautiful and avoids some entanglements BUT.. this thing is like a stethoscope.. every little hit on the cord is clearly heard and it really ruins the clear sound.

So this is good if you are not moving so much. Avoid jogging ^_^

I really hope MEE improves that part. 



Another thing, i've been getting these rarely but around radio antenna, you hear that weird sound electronics make when aliens passes by (in movies!)... then the sound of every low end makes a pssssssssss noise.. which is very annoying.



The main + for this item:

The price to quality ratio

Clear sound - like full definition

Veryyyyy Solid !

Different tips allow you to enjoy the music the way you'd prefer. (They do make a difference!)



The cord

Case imprints 

Best tip (double one) is not suitable for long term use.


These are actually the best earphones i've owned so far though. Never go for those all electronics brands like sony, philips etc...

Have your friends try them, they will all love it. These earphones are so clear that you will clearly distinguish the difference a device can sound.


Need more info, please do not hesitate. I am sure i missed lot of info. 

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Nice review.

Originally Posted by exec- View Post
Before starting, i'd like to excuse myself for not providing pictures, i can't find my camera! but there are enough pictures of this around the web.

I can share my pictures:





From right to left M9, PR200, Silver Bullet


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Good review, good pics.

zest: Do those clear tips on the SB isolate well?

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These are ECCI stock tips, they're good enough at home, but I would not advise using them for commuting or in noisy places, I'd like to find some PL30 double flange tips for the SB.

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wow the silver bullet looks nice! how is it compared to the M9?

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IMHO, much better, but they're three time the M9 price, compared to M9 the sound is more detailed, more spacious, more balanced, slightly colder, and vocals are great.


See Clios review:

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i still gotta burn-in my m9's or let the drivers settle however you wanna look at it.i bought a set for me and my girlfriend.i have only played the one set and after a night it seems to be a lot less bassy i wonder if i got a dud.the reason i feel it is not good is my old skull-candy inkd sound a lot more bassy and almost clearer.which if i understand is a substantially worse pair than the m9.just started getting in to the game of buying quality budget pairs.anyway was just wondering if it is only me or if the sound will still change quite a bit.i have listened to music where you can definatly notice the better soundstage on the m9.i would actually call the base on the m9's quite punchy.


thank you for all the great info on head-fi. 

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