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UE Triple-fi 10s

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I received my TF10s about a month ago.

I just want to say I am delighted. They sound fantastic.

I have no issue with the fit actually. The comply tips and memory wire work well in combination, but I am experimenting.

What is the point of the flip-mod people on here talk about? Exactly how does it alter the fit?

Am I right in thinking that its exactly like wearing the headphones with the ears swapped around, but with the sound corrected for left/right channels? Personally I like the position of the whole body of the headphone if I swap them around, but then the ear bud itself does not sit so well in the ear. Perhaps I need to practise the different way of putting them in?

Any thoughts?

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The flip mod basically means that you'll swap the wires around. The left for the right and vice versa. For some people, it helps with the fit and it allows your TF10s to flush with the ear. Some people aren't comfortable with the housing sticking out. Yeah the TF10s are fantastic in my book, you should try experimenting with different tips. The comply's are okay (some people hate them) for me but you should try the stock silicon tips at the very least. You'd be surprised how the sound opens up for you. :D

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