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Klipsch S2 or Bose In Ear?

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Hey guys, which one is better (With a better bass and good sound) without looking to the price?

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Never choose Bose. Those guys suck like a sucking machine stuck on turbosuck.

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no! the sound quality of bose in ear just CRAP! any iem can simply beats bose in ears! 

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My preference would be the Klipsch. The Bose iem's take a lot to drive them and have a strange fitting arrangement where they kind of sit in your ears without any feeling of gripping. Therefore they are really open. The iem's aren't as bad as the headphones but I most definitely prefer my Klipsch iems to them. I wonder whether you thought of going up a notch to the S4?


I crawled from the s4 to the Image X5 to the Image X10. I really like the comfort and sound of them.

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Never choose Bose. Those guys suck like a sucking machine stuck on turbosuck.


HAHAHAHAHAHA that's probably the funniest description of Bose I've ever heard. Pretty accurate too. etysmile.gif

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Considering you can get the S2m for ~$20 on occasion, It would seem like a smarter move, if you had to pick between the two. I bought my mom a pair for just shy of $20 a month ago. I must admit, they are a really nice set for the money. A little sibilant, but not to the magnitude of the Meelectronics M6's. Also, I find the bass a little sloppy, but easily compete with IEM's in the ~$60 price range

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The Bose IE 2 is very clean sounding with better than average soundstage and bass impact (not bloated like skullcandy or monster), but completely lacks bass below like 100Hz, and the fitting is a bit odd, but is comfortable.  I'd recommend them if you don't care for low bass and you can find them for $55 or less.

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