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Building my first Headphone Set UP

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Didn't know where to post this exactly because of the variuous components ...  BTW this is my first post in the forum so Hi to everyone !


I just wanted to share my plan for buiding my first "seriuos" set up for proper headphone listening sessions. So, after days of reading and unfortunately no listenning, this is what I'm going to buy hoping it is a good and balanced match between the various components. Any suggestion from your experienses ?


Step 1 (in september for my birthday)

Vielectric V181 balanced amp

Sennheiser HD800

Moon Audio Blue Dragon balanced cable


Step 2 (as soon as budget allows ...)

Wyred4Sound DAC2


Additional gear

Main filter Xindak XF-2000ES

Cables: Xindak PC-02 (power) Xindak  BC-01 (signal XLR) Xindak  FD-01 (digital COAX) KimberKable USB BBUS Ag (digital USB)


I struggled to make up my mind as far as headphone recabling is concerned  (considering impossibility to test) ... Eventually I decided for Moon Audio mainly because:


1) It seems to be a nice cable for the price and I believe copper is a good choice for stock HD800

2) There is a 20% discount at the moment and this is even better

3) I need a long cable (15 feet - I hope this isn't going to affect quality  - what do you think?) and their price doesn't go up too much with lenght


Thanks for any further advice / comment




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Forever the fancy cables for now and save all that money for a decent DAC instead I reckon. It'll make more of a difference. Excuse me if I happened to have missed seeing a DAC mentioned as I'm typing on my iPhone.
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Personally I wouldn't waste any money on those voodoo cables.


With very high resolution headphones like the Sennheiser HD800 great benefits will come from using a good source and amplifier.


Spend the money on source and amplifier not on silly cables.


 The cable that comes with the Sennheiser HD800 is a very good quality copper cable and is already very over specified for its role in the circuit. It is the last thing that needs replacing.

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Before wasting money on cables please read one of the very few quality blind listening test performed.


This test was performed by Jason Serinus who began the test fully believing that the expensive Nordost Valhalla power cables made a significant difference.


In this test the Nordost Valhalla power cords (costing vast amounts of money) are compared with a set of generic stock power cords routinely supplied with equipment.


The test is performed with attentive listeners and the results are that there is no identifiable statistical difference whatsoever in preference between the sound with the hugely expensive Valhalla power cords and the sound with generic stock power cords.


Link opens in new window:



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Thanks Patrik, that's very interesting an article. Still as far as stock hd800 cable is concerned, I still need a balanced cable (for the one that comes with the headphones is not)  or do you think that even going balance (both AMP & CANS) isn't worth the extra money ?





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Hi Kayard


Sorry, I did not notice that you wished to get a balanced cable.


To be honest I don't know if the balanced cable for the Sennheiser HD800 will make any significant difference.


I will say that personally I wouldn't be very interested in it because balancing is relevant to signal cables which carry a low level signal such as interconnects. Even then with the short runs in hi fi it is not something that I think will be very significant.


If you wish to get a balanced cable then I recommend getting one that is reasonably priced.


There is nothing at all about cable construction which warrants high prices.


For interconnects personally I do use good quality ones which are available at the budget end of the cable market.

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