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A month ago I bought a solo because it had always interested me.  I was expecting a small difference in sound quality but felt convicted to try it anyhow....but wow!!!  The Solo is a massive difference to any other portable source that I have heard.  It even blows my old Cowon J3 into the weeds.


But the size including my ibasso D12 was getting towards the big size.  I am sure people on the bus are afraid I am going to blow something up.  :-)


After looking around for a second hand RX mk2 I took the plunge and ordered a brand new one in black to match my solo.  It has shown up today at my work but sadly I am at home with a cold.  So tomorrow morning will be an exciting time to see how the solo/ rx2 /JH16 combo sounds.  I have some upgraded piccolino interconnects due tomorrow too so will be able to get in some listening time tomorrow before the day gets started.


But where oh where are the detailed reviews and feedback page for this product?  I am amazed that I havent been able to find any headfi detailed reviews.  There is stuff on other sites but given this amp is a year old I am surprised that there isnt more written about it.  I have seen comments where some people dont like the bass enhanced sound signature and that Jerry Harvey has said that with this amp is the best that he has heard the JH16 but not as much comment, good or bad, as I would expect.


Will let you all know my thoughts of the RX mk2 compared to my ibasso D12 with the Highflite opamp kits and my RA1 clone and of course versus my Lyr/HE6 home combo over the coming week.  


If anyone else has any thoughts or comments please also share.