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Im a sailor now :)

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I graduated from RTC great lakes and now starting to get back into the swing of things on head fi hello head-fiers how are things going?!

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There is an old English song that reads like this.



All the nice girls love a sailor,
All the nice girls love a tar;
For there's something about a sailor --
Well, you know what sailors are!

Bright and breezy, free and easy,
He's the ladies' pride and joy.
Falls in love with Kate and Jane,
Then he's off to sea again --



Ship Ahoy! Ship Ahoy!

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Congrats and felicitations! Have you accepted an offer to go to sea yet?
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Im currently at A school and wont get to my first duty post for at least another year but all is going well so far :) oh and happily married at that!

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Congratulations shipmate.  What's your MOS going to be? 

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May you have many enjoyable journeys.

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Originally Posted by majestic12 View Post

Congratulations shipmate.  What's your MOS going to be? 

I haven't filled out my dream sheet yet but im trying for ET-NAV :D

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Congrats. I worked at ships over 10 years as a marine engineer and travel all around the world. It's very exciting life. Now, I am a land animal. I envy adventures lies ahead on your food 

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I did a tour with the Navy (USS Truman) in the Persian Gulf in '04, fun times! Well I wasn't in the Navy (Marines) but I by and large was in the Navy during those nine months...

Where's your A school at? Just don't get stuck working in the chow hall or cleaning the heads on the boat!

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It's just like this, right? Good luck, dude, I had an uncle who was in the Navy for 6 years.

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Keep Dry and Keep SAFE! Thank You for your service............................................

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Make us all proud!  Thank you!!!

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Thanks guys i plan on being 110% squared away when i get to my first deployment and im sure ill have fun doing my first tour :)

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In before jokes about seamen. 

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Originally Posted by Libertad View Post


I haven't filled out my dream sheet yet but im trying for ET-NAV :D



Trying for, when I went into the Navy I had a guaranteed "A" School for advanced electronics, and from there we got to choose our "C" schools based upon class standings. I was a NAV ET (S.I.N.S. Ships Inertial Navigation System) and served 6 years, 2 on-board SSBN submarines and 4 on-board Civilian Oceanographic ships. Unless things have changed a lot I'd say study your ass off and you might be able to pick some good duty. I graduated from Great Mistakes in December of 79, good luck.

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