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Non-audiophile looking for headphone advice

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Recently my Audio-Technica ATH-M45 crapped out on me. And I'm looking for somewhat of an upgrade. The only thing I didn't like about the old headphones were that they weren't noise canceling and that I could still hear sound around me (if that's the right term). My price range is probably around $100. My friend recommended me Sony V6's. Any other suggestions?



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Noise canceling? I think you meant "isolation" or "passive noise canceling". Noise canceling headphones use electronics to electronically reduce noise, while isolating (passive noise canceling) headphones use a sealed design that keeps sound out.


Now that that is cleared, I have a question. I'm assuming you are looking for "closed" headphones, correct? That would be along the lines of the V6, where it creates a seal around your ear to isolate some nose. Is this what you are looking for, closed headphones?


If so, the Audio Technica M50's are highly regarded, and are a significant upgrade to your previous cans. They are even a great upgrade to the V6's as well.

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The Sony MDR-V6 is a good headphone, I had a pair for years and enjoyed them. They're a safe bet. You might want to look at the Grado SR-60i and Alessandro MS-1, as well. They're both manufactured by Grado, but the Alessandro is a little more neutral.

Anyhow, what associated equipment (e.g. iPod, laptop, etc.) are you using, do you have a preference for open or closed headphones, and do you want on-ear or over-the-ear headphones? If you have questions about those, feel free to ask.
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I plan to use them for laptop use (gaming/music) and recording wise like through my USB Audio Interface which requires a 1/4'' jack, which I hope I can easily find a converter if one does not already come with the headphones.


I guess sealed/closed headphones are what I'm looking for. I just don't want the people around me to be disturbed by my music when I turn it up or hear too much of outside noises.

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Here are some impressions I wrote about three of the more recommended closed headphones:


Good luck

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dont get sony! 

get some triplefi 10 if you search hard you can find them cheap.

i would like to try some  german maestro or beyer, or some fostex

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The A700's is what you need. 

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The V6s are a safe bet. Light, tough, good bass and comfy. The denon 1001/ Creative Aurvana Live! may have a little better midrange clarity, a little better "punch", but they are very close. The Senn 280s isolate extremely well, but sound flat and crappy for at least 400 hours; then they start to sound pretty good. Ultrasone hfi-500/DJ1 is also in the ballpark for you.

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You forgot to mention your music tastes...to have a better idea on what you like....and recommend a headphone that suits you.  

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Are the Denon AH-1001 supra-aural? I'm looking for more of circumaural.

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Originally Posted by Filththenwah View Post

Are the Denon AH-1001 supra-aural? 

Not unless you've got some huge ears. There's a rebranded version, the Creative Aurvana Live!, that you may be able to find cheaper than the Denons.

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