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Another followup. I got my sleeves from ACS about two weeks ago. Total turnaround time was right around a month from when I had the impressions made.  (That's excluding the additional month I was waiting for DST-Swiss -- who is no longer in the picture.)  I paid out-of-pocket for my original impressions which DST-Swiss still has hostage; ACS comp'd me the fitting and sleeves for the replacements.


I've been using them a lot and the long-term comfort is great. I can easily have them in all day without any problems. Using the narrowest of the flange inserts that came with the Etymotic HF2, I could only wear them for an hour or two.  For me, the improved comfort is the real win.


Isolation seemed at first worse with the ACS sleeves. However, I lose the seal pretty quick on the original Ety sleeves, so in reality unless I keep pressing them back into my ears, the isolation on the ACS sleeves is better.  Any jaw motion (say, walking and eating) would wiggle the Ety sleeves out, but the ACS ones stay in much longer. They also take less work to put them in and out in the first place. I could imagine that the ACS seal could be improved if they were made out of something else -- say, covered in a thin microlayer of memory foam, or something like that. The flanges on the Ety sleeves are softer and more flexible (because they're thinner) than the thick silicone that the ACS parts are made of, so naturally they reach a perfect seal a bit better.


The ACS sleeves definitely feel 'bigger' in the ear -- they touch a lot more skin. I loved the tiny-ness of the original Ety inserts, since they were so light and touched almost nothing.


Sound quality is about the same on each. I thought at first that the ACS were a bit less rich than the Ety ones, but after listening more I'm not so sure about that. The earphone body definitely sticks out of my ear further with the ACS sleeves -- a good couple of mm further out, really. This is just because the sleeves are a lot bigger.  The sleeves aren't quite symmetrical R/L -- one's a mm or two longer -- but they both put the speakers the same distance from the ear, which I assume is the important part. They certainly sound balanced.


One unexpected negative: the Ety HF2 have a microphone for use on my iPhone. When talking, I hear myself a lot louder with the ACS inserts, than the Etys. Must be just that thick silicone connects to the bone much better than the thin flanges of the original do.


Summary: no-brainer for $100. They're super comfortable, stay in place well, and sound essentially as good as the original Ety inserts.  Thanks to Matt at ACS, and Rick at Ety, who quickly handled the problems I had with my original order through DST-Swiss.

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double post- see the one below

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I just got my 4th pair. See below for details.





By reference, ACS terminates the acoustic transfer tube at which EEP(Ear Entrance Point) is located. With this kind of configuration, λ/2 resonance-induced distortion is inevitable. Custom-manufacturers must understand that real ear canals are longer than those of dummy heads & ear simulators. IEMs tuned with such devices have to go deeper into the ear canal in order to make 'reference' sound. 

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Wow, very interesting thread.  I have an old set of Shure e4's that had custom molds from Sensaphonics that I had made some 5 years ago or so.  I run in them and they have worked really well.  I recently got a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Coppers.  I love the bass and decided that I'd love to run with them - I contacted ACS and have an appointment at Ohio State Monday to get impressions.


The Sensaphonics sleeves were full concha where it appears that ACS does canal molds.  I will talk to the audiologist, but I would think that, at least for running, the tightest fit would come from the full concha.  I will still get a little booming from my feet hitting the pavement, but I would think the ear canal only wouldn't stay as snug.  Last thing I want is this thing moving around or sticking way out of my ears...


Any thoughts? - My appt with audiologist is March 28.

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PS... I talked to Matt today - seems like a nice guy and was pretty knowledgable...  We will see.

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Etymotic has added Microsonic as a mold lab partner, in the US, for their custom fit program. Has anyone had experience with Microsonics?

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I got my custom ear molds made today at Audio Help Hearing Center, the resident audiologist, Dr. Patel, was very friendly and answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. She said if I had any problems with ACS or the fit, I could contact her directly. Dr. Kasper isn't taking new patients therefore she was in charge.

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Holy cow, talk about fast! I got my impressions done on the 15th of June and today I have my custom ACS tips in my ears!


Thanks to Dr. Kasper's great team, I think the fit is perfect, although it's hard for me to insert them. I won't know for sure until I wear them for a few hours. The ear's inner um sound tube has a crazy angle from the tip of the earphones to the end of the ACS tip, but I guess that's more to do with my ears than their workmanship. I am honestly not sure if they did a good job on this or not... I mean the earphones stick out of my ears more, not happy about that. The isolation seems okay, the bass has a bit more depth to it and the details are very clear. I dunno, these are my first customs of any sort, I kinda wish I had a NYC based mentor to guide me through this.


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Just a personal thumbs up for the ACS tips. I received mine about a week ago (process took about 3 weeks total) and I am extremely pleased with the result. I normally use the silicone triple flanges and had no major issues; however, for my ear canals, the isolation and comfort of the ACS tips is significantly better...sound appears to be unaffected (if not slightly better) for me.  YMMV 

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