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so..wait...i just bring the etymotic iems that i want custom tipped to him, he makes the impressions...and then what, are the customs actually done at the office or would i have to wait a couple days for them?

No, no.  If they are standard Etys they should already know how to make the mold w/o the earphones.  They usually only need the phones when its a non Ety product.


The molds are outsourced to a lab and you will most likely wait a few weeks before you get them.  Only the impression is done at the audiologist.

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any recommendations for an audiologists in So Cal?

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I love ACS - perhaps to my own detriment. The T1 isn't as midrange magical as the EM3Pro (or as easy to drive), but its visceral bass and presence for electronic, not to mention acoustic music, is stunning. But, if you love the upper edge to music, say on strings (that big of extra treble vibration), you may not 'hear' it as well with silicon as you will with acrylic.


That said, overall, the ACS T1 is probably the most well thought-out custom I've ever used. I will admit, however, that in its present form, it has one weakness: the lack of detachable cable. The cable (similar to what ETY use on the hc5 or whatever it is called) is amazing - best in the business.


As for how it works with ETY phones, I have NO idea, but I'm sure it is a match made in heaven as both companies are fastidious about sound. However, Earsonics' attention to flatline driving ability from almost any source (at least on their top end earphones) is probably more impressive on a personal level.

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Originally Posted by Xan7hos View Post

any recommendations for an audiologists in So Cal?

I would find one from Jerry Harvey's site or Ultimate Ears since they are local in Irvine.

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Hi all!


I've recently had the acs custom moulds for the hf2 and they do sound excellent with them.  They are now very comfortable to wear and acs are a very customer friendly company if you ever make contact with them.


I can recommend them 110%!


They also now keep your impressions on file for 5 years, so you don't have to go through the full process again should you need more moulds.


I'm now saving up to get some more moulds for the other phones I have.

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I am just following up on this.  So far it's been 3 weeks and I haven't recieved anything yet from ACS.  I have spoken to them, and they are very nice.  I think at the moment they are overwhelmed with the amount of orders they are getting.


About 6 months ago the lead time was 2 weeks, about 2 months ago the lead time was changed to 3 weeks.  I am here 3 weeks after my impression was taken and still waiting.  The nice man told me I would get it the week of the 27th, so that would be 5 weeks in total since the impression.


Also, just found out how the US process works as well:


1- Get your impression taken by your local audiologist

2- Impression gets sent to NY

3- Impression gets scanned into the system in NY

4- Scan gets sent to Germany

5- Final product is made and QAed in Germany

6- Final product sent back to NY

7- ACS contacts you about payment

8- Product ships from NY once payment clears


With all of the shipping, I could see how this could add a lot of time to the process.  I wonder if there was a cheaper more stream lined process to do this.


Also, from a "rumor" I heard from an ACS person, the price may go to $130.  $30 for the mold process, $100 for the final product.

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The complete details of the Etymotic Custom Fit process can be observed on etymotic.com/customfit.  Etymotic has partnered with ACS to provide the best quality in comfort, noise isolation and response accuracy at a low fixed price of $100 for a single pair of personalized ear molds.  You go the the Ety website after your purchase, fill out the voucher that pays for your audiologist impression session, locate your nearest audiologist with your zip code, and they ship you impression to the ACS mold making facility. Within 3-4 weeks you receive your molds and you easily attach them to your Etymotic earphones and oooh baby you are in total heaven!   ACS also keeps a digital file of your impression on file for replacements.  The total cost is $100 plus shipping.  Each of the Etymotic models have been computer scanned by ACS to meet the requirements for the response accuracy specifications of the original ear tips by Etymotic.  The program is available in 12 countries with Korea coming on board through Sound-Cat and Japan coming by December.

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ACS are looking into better technology for producing the moulds too - a very interesting company run by lovely folk.

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OK, so back for another update on this process.


I am getting impatient at this point.  I think ACS needs to work on some things at the moment.  First off I am in my 5th week of waiting.  The thing that annoys me is that ACS does nothing to inform the consumer on the delays in their process.


I have spoken to ACS a total of 4 times since I places my order.  1st time to see the process.  The second time 3 weeks in to say, hey guys, I haven't reciecved a call from you.  the third time was on Friday, and then once today.  Every single time the person has been nice, but has not done anything to help me.


3 weeks ago, I was told that I should have my product the week of the 13th.  The week of the 13th came and went with no call and no update from ACS.  This is a custom product so I figured, I would give it to the week of the 20th.  So the week of the 20th comes and goes, and there is no call.  So I call them, and they said, oh you should be in this shipment, I will open this and call you to give you final confirmation.


Today, around 3PM, I figured I would call them to see what is going on.  I get on the phone with the lady there and she tells me my shipment never came in.  So I ask her when does she think the shipment will come in.  Her answer, I am not sure sir.  When I asked her, why it wasn't in the shipment, her answer, not sure sir.  She is supposed to get back to me tomorrow with some form of answer for me, but I will bet anything I will not hear anything back from her.


The frustrating thing is that I am 5 weeks out from my fittings and they cannot even tell me when they think they are going to have it for me.  Seeing that I am already 2 weeks past their deadline, you figured they would be able to reach out to me with some form of updates.  Am I being impatient here?  I mean, by the time I get it, it will be at least 6 weeks.


This is a custom product that is not really "cheap".  I would just like an e-mail at the very least saying, for x, y or z reason your shipment has been delayed.  I bet they won't even offer me rushed shipping for my inconvience.  I do customer service for a living, and I have to say being nice does not mean good customer service.


If I was at the company I would have done the following:

- Call the office doing this and put a special watch on the product

- Make sure the products shipping went according to plan, if not get this shipped in an earlier batch since the client is already waiting for 5 weeks

- Contacted the user to give a status

- Offered free rush shipping to the client


Maybe I am asking too much with all of the outsourced client service.  In all honesty, Client Service is really going down the toilet and people take an english speaking voice as good client service.


I just hope I don't have any fit issues with this product, or I will wait another 6 weeks for just a fix.  If you are planning on getting these done, just be prepared for a much longer then expected wait.

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I was thinking of doing this for my ER4P/S (PtoS adapter), so I will be following this thread.


I am in Queens, NY - whereabouts are you from?


Keep us posted!

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What and where is ACS please?

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Originally Posted by Barry View Post

What and where is ACS please?


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Thank you

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I am in NJ, but work in the city and that is where I got my fittings done.


Well, I got no feedback today, so I contacted them again.  The lady I spoke to said she didn't call me because she had no feedback on her end.  At this point, I am giving them until October 4th to get this thing shipped to me, then I am going to throw a fit!


She did say that the 3 week time frame is misleading.  She said it is more like 6 weeks that the total process takes.  She said it usually takes them 3 weeks, but a lot of times it takes a while for them to get it.  So I would say, if you are to do this, be prepared for AT LEAST a 6 week wait.


I am just frustrated because I am going to be sitting on 6 weeks, and of course this is the first time she mentions this.  Not to mention every time I call, they say, it should be next week sir.  Frustration level at about a 6 right now.

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quite disappointing in my opinion. i am rethinking the custom molds now.

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