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I as of today will soon be in the AKG K601 fold. My only available source at this time is a 4th gen iPod with 192kbs AAC's. I plan to get a dedicated home use amp. Probably a Little Dot I+. 


What is a good reasonable priced (<$100) interconnect to run from iPod dock to RCA's on amp?


I read that a re-cabling of the wires that run from one side to the other in the 601's headband need to be professionally redone to achieve the best sound. Is this true and how much would it cost?


Is an after market power cable for the amp a worthwhile upgrade down the line?


I know OP amps / tubes are personal preference, but what combo would probably suite me best if I like all music and a lot of rock? I seek detailed, layered sound with accurate oomph in the lower regions as well. I have no plans to roll at this time.