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Wouldn't it be cool if someone came out with a headphone magazine, so we could praise them, or make fun of them.
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I dunno, I can't imagine it working. The headphone market isn't very big, so new products would be few & far between. I don't think there'd be enough material to consistently publish on a monthly basis and keep the magazine fresh. Unless half of the magazine was content from this forum...
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I don't see the point.

With this great site and headwize, I really don't see the need for a magazine. What will they be able to write about they we don't already know?
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I suggested last year at headwize that a yearly online magazine in pdf format and/or a reasonably priced CDROM would be a good idea.
It would include the entire project library,selected forum threads,news and show reports,reviews,etc.
Would really be cool to have a searchable database for each year of all things headphones.To keep the cost down advertising would be in order.
I for one would buy it,no doubt
Maybe someone should take it on ?
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A year-in-review thing would be pretty cool, but that might be a little too much time between issues. One every six months would be more manageable, both to put together and to navigate through. Otherwise, good idea.
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